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Our tracking systems show a rapid increase in the number of buns featured on xkcd. There's been a long-term upward trend, but it has accelerated recently. So if you want to see comics about buns, there are lots of them there! Ooh! There's a new one right now! It's been an honor to comment. PotatoGod 01:57, 17 October 2017 (UTC) Our tracking. Sir, please come with us. We must inform you that there's already an official white house rabbit specialist, but that position is appointed by the president since 1979. 65. level 2. gominokouhai. 3 years ago. After the 1979 attack on Jimmy Carter, the role of bun specialist has been adopted by the Secret Service. 44

1682: Bun. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Title text: If a wild bun is sighted, a nice gesture of respect is to send a 'BUN ALERT' message to friends and family, with photographs documenting the bun's location and rank. If no photographs are possible, emoji may be substituted 27 members in the bun community. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut Explanation []. The comic opens with Beret Guy identifying a bun, an informal term for a rabbit also used in 1682: Bun.The title text of that former comic specifically refers of sending out a BUN ALERT to friends and family with location and photographic evidence of the bun, so in this comic that concept appears to have been elevated from a simple mass SMS/MMS message to a standalone. Category:Buns. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Comics with bunnies in them, or buns, as they are called here. Not to be confused with Hairbun This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details.

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Sadly, I now have no way to tell you xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS. at a screen resolution of 1024x1 [1903] Bun Trend Published on October 16, 2017 April 21, 2019 by xkcd Title Text:Our experts have characterized the ecological impact of this trend as. In the last few weeks, we've seen a rise in popularity of bun alert posts, related to xkcd 1682, xkcd 1871, and xkcd 1903. I have even posted one myself, since it's a fun thing to do when you find a high-ranking bun The True Name of the Bear. Election Impact Score Sheet. Probability Comparisons. Fall Back. xkcd Phone 12. Curbside. Worst Ladder. 10,000 Hours

xkcd: Bun Trend. Our experts have characterized the ecological impact of this trend as adorable A king bun [XKCD 1682] Close. Vote. Crossposted by 5 minutes ago. A king bun [XKCD 1682] • Posted by 7 hours ago. 7 5 4 4. Smol bun. 11.1k points. 103 comments. 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted This is me. That's exactly what I thought when I saw today's xkcd. I could very well be the professor teaching this class — or maybe the respectful student whose words appear at the bottom of panel five. If a wild bun is sighted, a nice gesture of respect is to send a 'BUN ALERT' message to friends and family, with. Explain xkcd python environment 1903: Bun Trend - explain xkc . Python Identifiers. A Python identifier is a name used to identify a variable, function, class, module or other object. An identifier starts with a letter A to Z or a to z or an underscore (_) followed by zero or more letters, underscores and digits (0 to 9). Python does not. 204 - America. 205 - Candy Button Paper. 206 - Reno Rhymes. 207 - What xkcd Means. 208 - Regular Expressions. 209 - Kayak. 210 - 90's Flowchart. 211 - Hamster Ball Heist. 212 - Brain

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125 votes, 12 comments. 137k members in the xkcd community. /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to 1903: Bun Trend - explain xkc . Freeman, this isn't surprising since xkcdify uses linspace in the upsample function. You could check the axes' XScale/YScale/ZScale and then use logspace if the scale is log Being alone on the ocean is certainly scary, but there is enough life and resources in the water to sustain someone basically indefinitely

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Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut News selection by Galigio. CISA orders federal agencies to patch Windows PrintNightmare bug July 13, 2021 Sergiu Gatlan; Republicans call for Amazon to testify on Pentagon relationship July 13, 2021 Makena Kelly; The S&P 500's incredible pace of record closing highs puts it on course for the best run in 26 years, an investment firm says July 13, 2021 insider@insider.com (Carla Mozée xkcd: Bun Aler. BunnyDroppings Help Mr. Bunny collect carrots in this fun arcade game! Blocker A simple tile turn based game similar to dots or tic tac toe PicshaPass generate passwords using photos as the source of randomness PassWords generates four random words to use as a password (xkcd #936 xkcd 2390 Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres [xkcd] Bun Trend Started by Hydrogen, 15 Oct 2017 : 1 reply 398 views; NapisaurusRex; 17 Oct 2017 [xkcd] Eclipse Birds Started by. [ mukeshbalani.com ] You heard it here firstif you haven't already heard it elsewhere Eclipse Birds Then there were the birds

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  1. Results. 89 entries were submitted between 2017-11-17 10:00:00 and 2017-11-20 11:00:00. 1,235 ratings were given to 92 entries (100.0%) between 2017-11-20 11:00:00 and 2017-11-30 11:00:00.The average number of ratings per game was 13.9 and the median was 11
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  3. Welcome to the xkcd Game Jam, where you create a game in a weekend based on your favourite xkcd comic or 'what if?' article! They say there's always a relevant xkcd comic for any given situation. Well, now there'll be a relevant xkcd game based on a relevant xkcd comic for any given situation! This jam is a tribute to the awesome work of.
  4. Explain xkcd Google Trends 2126: Google Trends Maps - explain xkc . Google Trends is a website for visualizing Google search activity by date and region. Used properly, it can give a picture of what topics people are interested in (as evidenced by what they search for) at particular times and in different places. Used improperly, it can simply.
  5. There have been short-lived dalliances. Users subscribe their phone number to the Bun Alert system, and receive new SMS alerts when a Bun is spotted. In other words, it functions exactly as described in the original webcomic: XKCD #1871: Bun Alert . xkcd Zahl auf Seiten. Staple Sie
  6. Liam Charles' recipe for roasted peach bao buns Sat, 03 Jul 2021 10:30:50 GMT. The Korean dough bun reinvented as a sweet treat filled with pistachio custard and peaches roasted with honey, vanilla and lemon thyme. I can't tell you how much I love bao buns: barbecue pork, sweet potatoes, tempura fish just talking about them is making me.
  7. [xkcd] Bun Trend Started by Hydrogen, 15 Oct 2017 : 1 reply 398 views; NapisaurusRex; 17 Oct 2017 [xkcd] Eclipse Birds Started by. xkcd: Task In bun folklore, March has marked the beginning of Spring and brings with it, the promise of fresh grass and greens

Top 1331 xkcd's on Reddit. Rank Comic Count Percent of References Std Deviations From Mean; 1: 1053: Ten Thousan A double-dactyl (also called D-dactyl in short) is a usually humorous, rigidly structured verse form1, which has been intensively used for a while by a number of OTT members. The definition and guidelines for an OTT double-dactyl were set suggested by jjjdavidson in NP655 (Mirror). It went on for many Newpages, with reprises on NP848 (Mirror), NP1038 (Mirror) and NP1713 (Mirror) due to papal. Lunar Swimming - XKCD Game Jam. DennisMac. Text-Only Counterstrike. dean36963. Elevator. devsaur. The Man Who Fell Sideways. randomphantom. Bun Snap. BlazingMammothGames. ChIA - Chess Intelligence Agency. Jiri Hysek. xkcd vr. The Campfire Union. XKCD-Antique Factory. Joan Sol ROO. Where Do Birds Go When It Rains Xkcd Bash. bash replies You bash your head against the wall. It's not very effective.. Bash is a shell for POSIX-based systems. buy stuff same as cd store. cat [number]/alt.txt displays the alt-text of the specified comic. cat (without a filename) will show You're a kitty! referencing 231: Cat Proximity. cheat promotes the xkcd store. clear clears the screen Today XKCD posted this shell script. Alege cel mai bun service pentru telefoane mobile Iphone . September 3, 2020 judith. Bine de stiut . Rent a car - Cum sa inchiriezi o masina fara sa iti golesti portofelul . March 20, 2019 February 11, 2019 judith. Bine de stiut . Ustensile necesare pentru o curatenie ca la carte.

Lurker. I know right? Ireland wouldn't stand a chance · 0 minutes ago Sporadicus1976. Could be 3 brazilian. Ireland wouldn't stand a chance · 4 minutes ago KK. Oh, this is on my list of interesting books that I haven't yet purchased (I keep such a list because I have a pathological inability to walk or even drive past a bookstore without going in and buying something), but this just bumped. xkcd is a Stick-Figure Comic by Randall Munroe. It is a gag-a-day comic and generally does not have a continuing plot line or continuity (though there are occasional short story arcs). Many of the jokes are based on math, physics, science, UNIX or Internet memes, as well as romance and sex Search for: Inspired Life! Primary Menu . HOME; 海狸观察; Culture Review. Book Review; xkcd. xkcd comic; what if; SOCIAL; Home. xkcd comic inde The authors would oftentimes respond But I have a 35 page proof that the algorithm is correct The xkcd number is equal to \\(A(G, G) = 2\\uparrow^{G-2} (G+3) - 3\\) or gag(G), where G is Graham's number and A is the Ackermann function.12 It was invented by Randall Munroe, the creator of the popular webcomic xkcd, in the third part of strip #207.

Find games tagged xkcd like regxkcd, Lunar Swimming - XKCD Game Jam, Frogger XKCD style, Bull in a Gun Fight, Russell's on itch.io, the indie game hosting marketplace First, let's get a few things out of the way: In real life, we can't put a metal pole between the Earth and the Moon.[1]For one, someone at NASA would probably yell at us XKCD DATE FORMAT Ive actually nerd sniped myself with an xkcd comic before. thinking that the one about DNE referred to the concept of an undefined value (ie 1/0) BruceJohnJennerLawso 19:00, 22 February 2014 (UTC) This is the first strip for a while that I had no idea what was going on. In his xkcd ; ed not only by pure pronunciation Published in xkcd comic Tagged xkcd, xkcd漫画 [1903] Bun Trend. Published on October 16, 2017 April 21, 2019 by xkcd. Title Text:Our experts have characterized the ecological impact of this trend as adorable.. Explain xkcd hot dogs. The phenomenon is mildly frustrating for the consumer, as it often leaves leftover food.The most sinister result is the subsequent purchase of more buns, followed by more hot dogs, followed by more buns, over and over again until forty total hot dogs have been eaten (in a cycle similar to that shown in 140: Delicious) Image URL (for hotlinking/embedding): https://imgs.

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  1. 2015年の翻訳記事はxkcd(2015年)、2014年の翻訳記事はxkcd(2014年)、2013年の翻訳記事はxkcd(2013. See what Goat Mips (goatmips) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas of Technology-Based Valuation Scott Robinson, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, AI-RRS 2016 Appraisal Institute President IVSC-WAVO.
  2. 643 votes, 38 comments. 139k members in the xkcd community. /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 643. xkcd 2044: Sandboxing Cycle. XKCD. Close. 643. Posted by 2 years ago
  3. Bun Trend. Studying Time. State Borders. 10/09/17 PHD comic: 'Lab Business' Logical. Jet Lag. RC Raker. Ears. 10/04/17 PHD comic: 'Signs you're ready to graduate' Note on today's xkcd. None Frequency. 02/16/2014. Valentine's Day. Kola Borehole. 02/12/14 PHD comic: 'A Research Valentine'.
  4. Xkcd categories. Category:COVID-19. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. These comics are inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. The fifth of these comics, 2279: Symptoms, came out on March 11, 2020, the day when the outbreak was declared a world wide pandemic. The first comic about COVID-19 came out as the first comic in March, and all 13 comics.
  5. xkcd: Volume 0. This book is a collection of strips from xkcd, a free webcomic. Randall Munroe describes xkcd as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. While it's practically required reading in the geek community, xkcd fans are as varied as the comic's subject matter
  6. Users subscribe their phone number to the Bun Alert system, and receive new SMS alerts when a Bun is spotted. In other words, it functions exactly as described in the original webcomic: XKCD #1871: Bun Alert Rule 34 is the 305th xkcd comic. The Rules of the Internet is a list of general bruh moment and consensuses of the internet
  7. It advertises that xkcd is IPv6 enabled: xkcd.com now has IPv6 connectivity. If you can't reach it, you or your ISP have misconfigured equipment. Sadly, I now have no way to tell you. 22:13, 24 July 2014 (UTC) The xkcd page doesn't have an IPv6 address Friday Comic: XKCD on IPv6 and Nanobot Swarms

Jon Kopaloff Getty Images. 21 of 50. The Asymmetrical Bob. The asymmetrical bob had a moment in 2019, but its back in 2020 to stay. One side of the bob is cut uneven to create this fun look, worn. The recent news of the Emma Burton engagement to Jade Jones is the latest in a long line of recent high-profile nuptials, but this collection of unusual wedding innovations is evidence that who is getting married is not necessarily the most interesting thing about marriage these days

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Enjoy xkcd on your Windows device. wkcd let's you browse the infamous xkcd comic by Randall Munroe. xkcd is A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. It covers everything between the mundane to the infinetely complex. wkcd's tile shows the most current comic and you can also receive a silent notification when there's a new comic strip. I'm a Car Carnot Cycle Barnard's Star Tectonics Game Hygrometer Modified Bayes' Theorem Rock Wall Internal Monologues Horror Movies Bluetooth Data Pipeline Incoming Calls Stanislav Petrov Day Bad Opinions 6/6 Time Unfulfilling Toys Curve-Fitting Beverages Trum-Social Media Announcement Sandboxing Cycle Boathouses and Houseboats Rolle's Theorem. The xkcd number was just a function that grew rapidly plus a large argument. I've been thinking abou The xkcd number would, therefore, be the largest number to stay constant, as it is based on a function, and a constant (if slightly ridiculously large) number, that has been seriously used in a mathematical equation. After all, the answer to A(g.

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Xkcd Explained xkcd - Wikipedi . xkcd, sometimes styled XKCD, is a webcomic created in 2005 by American author Randall Munroe. The comic's tagline describes it as A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Munroe states on the comic's website that the name of the comic is not an initialism but just a word with no phonetic pronunciation. The pulse — or microseism in geologist lingo — was first documented in the early 1960s by a researcher named Jack Oliver, then at the Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory xkcd 2344: 26-Second Pulse : xkcd. 519 votes, 91 comments. 141k members in the xkcd community. /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe Despicable Me Minion party for AJ's 7th birthday! When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select Critical Trends in Customer Experience Thursday, July 22, 2021 Welcome to the Age of Intentionalism Wednesday, July 28, 2021 3 Ways to Get More Impact From Social Commerce Thursday, July 29, 202 Xkcd script. The script uses persistent http connections which I haven't yet seen in another xkcd script.The script skips previously downloaded comics and skips non-image comics such as js-scripts, it however highlights you of this and provides you with a link should you wish to visit the site yourself and see the 'interactive comic' Most xkcd comics have a transcript posted on xkcd

XKCD is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. Pew Research: In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace Obituary: Megan Angelina Webbley, 1988-2019 How corporations are addressing guns. John Oliver: National Weather Service The Best Places to Live in a Future Troubled by Climate Change - Upstate New York state gets an honorable mention XKCD discovered words. un. Love. Tweet |. A list of 571 words by alexz. Tip: Add several words or phrases at once by separating them with semicolons. Don't worry about surrounding whitespace -- we'll ignore it. Sort A-Z. Sort by date created Hello, all. The comic was posted a bit late last night. The comics are normally posted by the server automatically at midnight. However, I apparently typo'd when I last edited the queue, and I'm on vacation away from the net so davean had to fix it manually. My bad. Moving on: I've solved Ghost. I'

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Explain xkcd back to the future 102: Back to the Future - explain xkc . This comic is a reference to the Back to the Future film series (specifically the first film) in which the protagonist, Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox), travels back from 1985 (present day for him) to 1955 and accidentally interferes with his own parents' first meeting Xkcd sandwich. I assume the Google now implementation came later and is based on xkcd. (please sign your comments with ~~~~) Siri will also respond okay if you say sudo make me a sandwich:, though she doesn't respond with the XKCD response to make me a sandwich. 13:32, 27 October 2015 (UTC) (MSC Proper User Policy apparently means Simon Says. |< <? > >| Archive. 1) Anyone who listens to techno would rage at the use of the term techno as it is a generalization for all electronic music. 2) Electronic music is PROGRAMMED not PLAYED. 3) Sampling would not work unless the sounds were sampled beforehand or all the instruments were hooked up to the sampler directly for cuing

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  1. The first of the new panels shows Randall and his wife at a Rabbit Rescue, interacting with buns ( a recurring theme of xkcd) Cueball tells Megan that by the release of this comic in April 2018 it is the 10th anniversary of the peak of rickrolling, and she is amazed that this has been so long ago. She then expresses a half-hearted happy.
  2. The current trend is to do away with unnecessary hyphens. Therefore, attach most prefixes and suffixes onto root words without a hyphen. I think that frontend qualifies under this rule. Compare that with backend and it sounds to me that front and back are prefixes to end
  3. XKCD on the password paradox: human factors versus computers' brute force. Cory Doctorow 4:24 am Wed Aug 10, 2011 . Today's XKCD, Password Strength, neatly illustrates the research from this. Browsing my usual comics sites, I came across this: Brilliant and simple idea - each landmass is rotated 180 degrees

Xkcd.net has an estimated worth of 10,636 USD Wer es lieber mit den klassischen Webcomics von xkcd hält, kann das komplette Strichmännchen-Archiv unter xkcd.com einsehen. Viel Spaß dabei! Viel Spaß dabei! via: geeksaresex Explain xkcd is a wiki dedicated to explaining the webcomic xkcd. Go figure. 1305: Undocumented Feature Discover why 900 brands rely on our AI-powered Trend Reports to get better, faster insights. Say 'I Do' With the Webcomic 'XKCD' Wedding Cake 39. Bouquet Bedhead Buns. Douglas Hannant Bridal Spring 2011 Collection is Fragrant 34 The 'iris' data 2016/12/30. Making survey statistics boring and inefficient 2016/11/23. Brief quake summary for overseas people 2016/11/14. Changes in turnout and preference 2016/11/10. Cuts to 'Growing Up in New Zealand' 2016/10/18. Terms to eschew 2016/10/12 A Degree In Useless. A Glitch In The Matrix. A Good Name For A Rock Band. A Rare Sentence. A Wizard Did It. Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder. Absurdly Bright Light. Absurdly Ineffective Barricade. Accentuate The Negative theCHIVE brings you the funniest, the most outrageous, and the best photos and videos. You will never be bored at school or work again. Ever

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Explain xkcd 1944 1944: The End of the Rainbow - explain xkc . Comic #1944 (January 19, 2018) Next > >| The End of the Rainbow: Title text: The retina is the exposed surface of the brain, so if you think about a pot of gold while looking at a rainbow, then there's one at BOTH ends (Granted, the angle of the cone would be extremely shallow due to the distances involved, but it would still be. ***** XKCD ***** return to top Linked List Interview Problem Match ID: 0 Score: 1000.00 source: xkcd.com hair pulled back into a bun, but 2020 interrupted that trend by nixing in-person sessions and forcing therapists to migrate their entire practice online — and it turns out that's not so easy. Frame simplifies it with an all-in. Random. That bun pun. You see, bun could refer to bread buns or buttoc [explosions, fire . 1100: Vows - explain xkc . Relationship Xkcd : Jewish Dating Romance By Way Of Web ; xkcd: Convincin ; Relationship Xkcd : A Few Dating Ideas You Require To Date ; xkcd: I in Tea ; Xkcd relationship advice - Get My Ex Bac ; Relationships: Xkcd Relationshi

Therapy is rapidly becoming a standard part of many people's lives, but 2020 interrupted that trend by nixing in-person sessions and forcing therapists to migrate their entire practice online — and it turns out that's not so easy Making a sexy outfit, usually for women, modeled on something that, barring Fetishes, isn't really sexy on its own (say a famous Pimped-Out Dress or a deck of cards). It doesn't matter what it is, someone will try to make attractive clothing based on it. This shows up in fiction, but is also Truth in Television when it comes to Cosplay and Halloween outfits Last week, after a series of up and down appearances, Karnilla reached the pinnacle of her existence as a character (so far). Long-anticipated confrontations against Enchantress and Loki were the highlights, but overall she broke free of the mold of Balder-obsessed schemer, if only for a little while The company had net income of $52.677 million in the quarter to March 31, and net income of $80.1 million for 2020. Revenue came to $2.3 billion in the quarter and $8.9 billion for 2020. We are the premier global leader in fresh fruits and vegetables, the company says in its filing documents

Xkcd theor xkcd When to use the MaxEnt Text Classifier? Due to the minimum assumptions that the maximum entropy classifier makes, it is commonly used in Text Classification problems where the features are. The thing about xkcd is that from the beginning, it was never really trying to be prolific or meaningful or even particularly artistic There have been several xkcd comics with human sized hamster balls, and there is even one more in this comic up in the Destroyer. In this scene it is two young girls that use the hamster ball as a bowling ball in a human sized ten pin bowling game. Hopefully the little girl with the hair bun behind the pins get away in time if it is a strike We assessed the efficacy and safety of benazepril in patients without diabetes who had advanced renal insufficiency. Methods We enrolled 422 patients in a randomized, double-blind study. After an eight-week run-in period, 104 patients with serum creatinine levels of 1.5 to 3.0 mg per deciliter (group 1) received 20 mg of benazepril per day. XKCD, the sarcastic webcomic revered by science and tech geeks, is now the butt of someone else's joke. Hackers breached the forum of the 14-year old site, stealing over 560,000 usernames, emails. XKCD posted about Bun Alert, I thought it'd be a quick build, and it was. What Does It Do? Users subscribe their phone number to the Bun Alert system Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for

the XKCD Password method is deprecated. No the XKCD system is not deprecated, it's incorrect use is deprecated, which is true for the Schneier and other password schemes. The problem is the limitation of the human mind and what humans will do to make their life easier. There are a number of parts to the XKCD system but a 20,000ft view is Big Hero 6:. Whether Disney adapting a Marvel property into an animated film is a revolutionary step for the Disney Animated Canon, or just an example of them forcing the Marvel Cinematic Universe into everywhere. For its part Disney has made little mention of Big Hero 6 being a Marvel property (aside from mentioning been based on the Marvel comic series in the trailer), and explicitly said.

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xkcd: Volume 0 Randall Munroe's web-comic xkcd does a surprisingly good job of being equally hilarious and accessible, both despite its form and content. 16 Dec 200 Weather Headlines. Pittsburgh Weather: Chances Of Showers, Storms, Severe Weather. There is a chance for some of the storms today to be severe with gusty wind and hail being the main threat. Oct 17, 2012 - Ideas for incorporating mathematics into your wedding seating plan! http://www.toptableplanner.com/blog/a-mathematicians-guide-to-arranging-a-seating. A @nytimes photographer was there in 1921 when Lucien Muratore and his wife, Lina Cavalieri, of the Chicago Opera, arrived in New York aboard the S.S. Aquitania. This photo was published in The Mid-Week Pictorial, a magazine introduced by @nytimes in 1914 to show war pictures. Visit the link in our profile to see more #tbt photos from the piers.

Toasted Buns. These jets are burnin' my ass! The jetpack is the consummate icon of the early years of science fiction. This device represents the ultimate in convenience and personal mobility. Just strap this backpack-sized object on and travel anywhere you'd want to go A scientific study from 2017 suggests that humans may be born with an innate fear of spiders, and there's evidence to suggest it's existed for centuries, at least. During the Middle Ages, spiders were thought to be diseased, and any food or water that came into contact with them was considered infected or poisoned (both of these examples, of course, apply only to Western societies; many. That's great, that's a massive increase in a short period of time. That's only part of the equation though. It wouldn't be any faster than likely 14ish days minimum as that's the amount of time they need to see if there's a bump from the Stage 1 reopening. 14 days is typically the longest incubation time

Collection Last updated May 27, 202 Definition: A 'trend' in financial markets can be defined as a direction in which the market moves. 'Bullish Trend' is an upward trend in the prices of an industry's stocks or the overall rise in broad market indices, characterized by high investor confidence. Description: A bullish trend for a I wish the bun was a little bit more substantial, but then again, a bun that nondescript definitely doesn't compete with the toppings for dominance. Thankfully, the bun was sturdy enough to hold all of the toppings without conceding before you're done with the dog. The dog is easily one of the best I've had

# Show x axes with intervals of X instead of default (this case default=5) import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt x = [0,5,9,10,15] y = [0,1,2,3,4] X = 1.0 plt.plot(x,y) plt.xticks(np.arange(min(x), max(x)+1, X)) plt.show(