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  1. 4 NE 4-Arm Shad Rig - Small. Regular price. $15.99. $15.99. 6 Arm 4 Shad Umbrella Rig. Regular price. $38.99. $38.99. 6 Arm 6 Shad Umbrella Rig
  2. Shad Umbrella Rigs. Sort by. Grid View List View. The entire line of Spider Umbrella Rigs has been manufactured with the highest quality components. From the stainless steel spreader bars, to the highly reflective willow leaf blades, these are not your old fashion umbrella rigs
  3. Our Shad Umbrella Rigs feature (8) 6 inch rigged shads. 6 shads are rigged on 4 inch leaders and 2 are rigged on 18 inch leaders. We also include a 9 inch rigged stinger shad on a 45 inch leader down the middle. We fish 'em like this and we have put big bass in the boat when others haven't
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  1. Our Shad Umbrella Rigs feature (8) 6 inch rigged shads. 6 shads are rigged on 4 inch leaders and 2 are rigged on 18 inch leaders. We also include a 10 inch rigged stinger shad on a 45 inch leader down the middle. We fish 'em like this and we have put big bass in the boat when others haven't. Our shad umbrella rigs will catch
  2. 32 Shad Umbrella Rigs. Quick View. 32 Black Back Umbrella Rig. $45.00. Compare. Choose Options. Quick View. 32 Blue Back Umbrella Rig. $45.00
  3. Regular price. $19.95 $9.99 Sale. Shad School Umbrella Rig , Fishing In Florida, Tennesse, Alabama. Regular price. $7.99. 1/2oz Heavy Duty Shad School Umbrella Rig, Fishing In Florida, Tennesse, Alabama etc. Regular price. $8.99. Lightweight .035 wire Minnow Style Shad School Umbrella Rig Alabama Crappie, Bass
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  5. 9er's 6 Shad Umbrella Rig. 9er's shad rig is assembled with a 4 arm bent bar, 5 are teasers and 5 have hooks. Only the center stinger has a leader, and the rest are rigged to the bar. The overall length of the rig is 32. Storage tubes are included with the price. 9er's shad rig is assembled with a 6 arm bent bar, 7 are teasers and 7 have hooks
  6. SHAD UMBRELLA RIGS / SPREADER BARS : SM-003: 15 Umbrella Rig w/5 - 6 Shads rigged w/ 150 lb. mono; 2 x 16 clear reusable storage tube w/vinyl end caps: $14.75 : SM-004: 15 Umbrella Rig same as above without storage tube: $11.75 : SM-005: 22 Umbrella Rig

Our 6-way bar has baits directly attached, making it a tangle-free fishing experience. 9er's Lures is the premier lure manufacturer in New England. We offer the following products: Custom Umbrella Rigs, Shad Umbrella Rigs, Squid Umbrella Rigs, Replacement Packs, Rigged Shads, Non-rigged Shads, Rigged Mackerel Stingers, Non-rigged Eels Custom fishing tackle company providing the highest quality lures for bass fishing. Custom Hair Jigs. Hog Wobbler Scrounger Head. Custom A-Rigs. Custom Swimbaits and Spinnerbaits. Spunk Shad Swimbaits. Custom Magnum Shakey Head Jigs. Big Worms and Plastics that work on the Tennessee River and for Big Bass everywhere The Tackle Builders Atlas Umbrella Rig was born from late nights and early mornings of relentless Engineering and design. Although simple in design, this final version must be have been the 50 th revision. The Atlas Rig is a patent pending umbrella type rig that mimics a ball of bait fish and has the ability to collapse for easy storage A video showing how to rig shad for M&M Lures umbrella rigs. mmfishinglures.co Weighted umbrella with four 6 shad teasers. Your choice of weighted skirt trailing behind. Available in: 4 Arm 15 Umbrella with no chaser 4 Arm 15 Umbrella with 9 Shad Chaser 4 Arm 15 Umbrella with 4 oz. Parachute Chaser 6 Arm 20 Umbrella with 4 oz. Parachute Chase

Sportfish Products Shad Umbrella Rig. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. Sportfish Products Tube Umbrella Rig. 4.4 out of 5 stars 6. Blue Water Candy 00416 Striperbrella,White,9" SHAD CHASER WITH 4 OUNCE PARACHUTE. 4.3 out of 5 stars 16. $39.99 $ 39. 99 $45.86 $45.86. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 15 The best places to throw an umbrella rig are where the bass are feeding on shad, and seasonally the best times are in the cold water seasons of spring and fall. 2. Practice Makes Perfect. Umbrella rigs are not idiot proof, so the more you fish it, the more fish you will catch on it 10. Mizmo N-Seine Shad - A spin off of the Rabid Shad, the N-Seine Shad is a smaller profile shad type body style that mimics those young 2-3 inch shad. The bait features a unique upside down tail that actually kicks really well and gives the bait a good uniform school look on an umbrella rigs The center stinger features a stout mono leader, bringing the total rig length to 32. Because of the violent pulsing action of the shad tails and the frequency of multiple hookups, 9er's Lures recommends running the New England Umbrella Rig on appropriate 30-50 lb. class tackle, using 50-100 lb. super braid or wire with a 4-8'L, 80-100 lb.

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Umbrella rigs catch fish in other areas and have even become popular for catching striped bass in freshwater lakes. Umbrellas are rigged using a variety of components including shad bodies, plastic grubs, surgical hose, bucktail jigs, parachute jigs, tomic lures, and others 6 Inch Shad Bodies. $ 3.99. Use these 6″ shad bodies to replace damaged parts on your umbrella rigs or to build your own custom jigs. - Available in 6 colors. - Each pack includes 3 Shad Bodies. Shad Body Colors. Choose an option Black Pearl Blue Pearl Chartruese Lime Chartruese Pearl White. Choose an option

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Castable Shad School Umbrella Rigs for Bass, Strippers, crappie Welcome to 9er's Lures! Our company has been helping fisherman catch larger fish, more often, for over 15 years. Our custom-made umbrella rigs are available in assorted effective colors and sizes. Don't be mistaken - We are the original manufacturer of New England Umbrella Rigs 12 inch 4 arm Spinning Umbrella Rig with 8 3 inch teaser spoons and parachute with 9 inch shad ready to fish. Out of stock. $ 24.20 - $ 25.20 A Rigs / Umbrella Rigs The Umbrella Rig, commonly called the A-Rig, took the fishing world by storm in 2011 and continues to catch big bass. This contraption consists of wires, blades, hooks, and dummy baits to create a school of bait swimming through the water

This 4 Shad is a salt impregnated soft plastic Lure. This is great for Umbrella Rigs. You can rig it will a jig. You can use it for Bass, Walleyes and Saltwater fishing. This Lure works in any conditions Some refer to it as a Stormbrella and yes it has been my best producing rig since I started using it 2 years ago. I use a small 4 shad umbrella with just 4 teasers. Bunker color worked best. I use a 30-36 long leader to the 9. Never had a tangle An umbrella rig is designed to mimic a school of baitfish by utilizing metal arms adorned with numerous shad or sand eel imitations. There are many companies that produce both four- and six-arm umbrellas

Home / Umbrella Rigs / 12 inch double umbrella rig 8 6 inch shad teasers and Parachute with 9 inch shad. Sample photo shown with Big Eye Ruby Lip parachute. 12 inch double umbrella rig 8 6 inch shad teasers and Parachute with 9 inch shad $ 30.25 - $ 38.40. Available with Banjo Eye, Big Eye Ruby Lip, Bullet Head or Smiling Jack. Add Picasso Perfection Rig Umbrella Rig 11 Shad Nickel to Cart Notify Me When Available for Picasso Perfection Rig Umbrella Rig 11 Shad Nickel. Add to Wish List Quantity: Quantity Limit of 0. Due to high demand and our desire to serve as many Customers as possible, we are currently limiting the quantity each individual Household can purchase..

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Blue Tsunami 8 Shad 2.50. Quick View. Green Prism 9 Shad 2.00. Quick View. Chartreuse 9 Shad 2.00. sold out. Quick View. White 9 Shad 2.00. Quick View Summer/ Fall Umbrella Rig Refresher Kit from 14.99. Quick View. Custom Umbrella Rig 0.00. Quick View. Brella Box 24.99. Quick View. Loaded Brella Box 59.99. Quick View. How to rig a Sassy Shad

Especially with a Shad umbrella (not so much on tubes) switch out the soft teaser with a Stretch 25, and use that to help pull it down. You can use a much lighter drail that way. Heavy gear. Inshore tuna type rod/reel. You're looking at a lot drag, a lot of weight, and sometimes 3 or 4 nasty chopper blues of destruction on one rig The rig features the market's only sliding sleeve that allows for quick and easy replacement of any damaged terminal swivels. This is critical during tournament situations when rigging up an entirely new Umbrella Rig can take up much needed time. The rig is great for targeting suspended fish. The rig can also be used in place of a spinnerbait 9ers Custom Umbrella Rigs are rigged with premium wire and hooks to ensure they stand up to big striped bass time and again. The soft plastics lures on the umbrella are easily changeable for enhanced customization options (as well as the occasional tail bite off from toothy critters)

The umbrella rig excels fishing over deep brush or structure in 20-40 feet of water. Once you have located brush or structure simply move off and cast over the bait to count down until it reaches a deep depth, then slowly drift the rig past the cover as to sneak passed the fish Umbrella Rig. My latest obsession with fishing rigs. Among all the rigs I've learned to create, this is the hardest but is highly effective. This rig is little known among bait fishing anglers & is not popular due to it's complicated construction. Most anglers also perceive this rig as meant for small fish due to the use of thin lines & small. OP51 OP51 Optimum Opti Shad. The Optimum Opti Shad is a collaboration between Optimum Baits and Lucky Craft, combining the best attributes of the Lucky Craft Lipless Wander and the Optimum Double Diamond. Interweaving the action and esthetics of a proven hard bait with the performance and versatility of a proven soft bait has produced a lure. Umbrella Rigs. A3 Anglers Multibait Bladed Jig. $14.49 - $14.99. Bailey Rigs Bailey OG 8 Wire Umbrella Rig. $19.99. Bailey Rigs Bailey Special Umbrella Rig. $29.99. Bailey Rigs Tourney Legal Rig A Umbrella Rig. $24.99

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400 - 6 Sassy Shad Swim Baits - White & Silk Umbrella Rig Paddle Tail Fishing Lures LockettLuresOutlet $ 200.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites 50 - 5 Sassy Shad Swim Baits Swimbait Paddle Tail Striper Bass Rockfish Lures LockettLuresOutlet $ 26. Extra Shad Bodies for Umbrella Rigs. No matter what umbrella rig is being used it is smart to have extra shad swim bodies. Buy on Amazon. Estimated Price: $8. Shown above is a six-inch swim shad body, without a hook! These are used to make an umbrella rig or replace the swim shad that had been cut or torn by a fish. Common colors are black. ELBOW ACCENTS ANGLER: Stephen Johnston, Hemphill, TX HOW IT'S RIGGED: Starting with a Power Tackle Got 'Em Going umbrella rig, attach four willow-leaf blades to one end of a split ring swivel, followed by four 3-inch V&M Kicking Shads. TIME FRAME: This is ideal for situations when largemouth and/or white bass are schooling on shad

I suggest ya don't use the lure debth chart for umbrella rigs.Most of the total weight of the Umb is negated due to drag threw the water. Even though the shads weigh, say 3oz, try droping a shad and a 3oz piece of lead in the water and see what the sink rate is) ---- Umbrella Rigs. A good example of a Umbrella Rig is the Chesapeake Bay Lures Red Eye. It comes partially rigged with shad bodies. Add more shad bodies. The Umbrella Rig emulates a small school of baitfish. Follow this link yo see a double header caught on a umbrella rig: Double Heade Terminator Super Stainless Umbrella Rig - The Terminator Super Stainless rig perfectly simulates a small, vulnerable break-off school of baitfish. The stainless steel frame bends easily to adjust into multiple configurations, allowing the angler to simulate a variety of baitfish schools. By being able to throw up to five baits at once, the angler has an increased chance of hooking multiple. Umbrella rig frames are used to display teasers of swim shad bodies or twister tails along with a single or double bait while trolling in the Chesapeake Bay for striped bass, rockfish or bluefish. MADE IN THE U.S.A There is a wide range of connection points to create a simulated underwater school of bait-fish. $ 25.00 - $ 39.00. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Captain Mack's Umbrella Rigs, Fishing Rigs, Umbrella Rigs. Striped Bass Umbrella Rig. Select options. $ 8.00 - $ 8.50. Fishing Rigs, Naked Umbrella Rig, Umbrella Rigs. Naked Umbrella Rig

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Four Arm Umbrella Rig. Buy from Amazon . Estimated Price: $25. This Blue Water Candy is a four-arm umbrella rig with a center stinger swim shad. Only the singer bait has a hook. Blue Water candy also makes a Striperbrella with skirts over the swim shad. Color options are chartreuse and chaser white Sassy shad and paddletail swimbaits rigged on jigheads are a great pairing for an umbrella rig. Umbrella rigs can be cumbersome to store and travel with, so a tackle box specifically designed for umbrella rigs is a must to keep these pricey rigs safe Strike King Squadron Umbrella Rig Accessory Kits. Strike King Squadron Umbrella Rig Accessory Kit - 1/8 oz. Ghost Shad. SKU: 02184645 Buy from Cabelas.com. Strike King Squadron Umbrella Rig Accessory Kit - 1/8 oz. Green Gizzar

This version of the original 9er's Lures New England 6-Arm Eel Umbrella Rig is built around a 6-arm bent bar and comes pre-rigged with 13 Got Stryper 7 Eel bodies and one 6 shad body. 7 of the Eels are teaser baits, and 6 have hooks; the shad is rigged on a hook at the end of the center stinger leader made of stout monofilament Picasso Lures Bait Ball Extreme - Known for their dependability, the Bait Ball Extreme is a sure fire durable fish catching machine. Using industrial strength spring wire with heavy duty swivels and snaps you will begin catching plenty of big bass the moment you start using this Bait Ball Extreme by Picasso Lures

Our tandem rigs feature a 1/0 3-way swivel with a 14' and a 4' 100# mono leader attaching to parachutes. Pre-rigged and ready to fish! Choose from the many options below, or call to custom-build your own! Also available naked to build your own! Available in: 2oz. x 1oz. w/4 Shad. 3oz. x 1oz. w/6 & 4 Shad (6 shad rigged onto larger parachute An umbrella rig is a single large swimbait head with 4 up-to 24 flexible wire arms extending back and out from the head. This rig is designed to mimic a small bait ball of baitfish such as shad, alewives, shiners, and even eels. These large baits can be cast or trolled during times of the year when big fish have baitfish all balled up in small. The Armor Shad Paddle Tail Swimbait can be used on a wide range on applications, including a Damiki Rig Jig Head, umbrella rigs, and even a drop shot. Loaded with scent for an added level of attraction, the Armor Shad Paddle Tail Swimbait is crafted from soft yet durable plastic that provides a lifelike feel that makes fish hold on longer Check Out Fishing Umbrella Rigs On eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color Today

With five arms to hold your lures and five shiny attention-grabbing sinkers, The Umbrella Rig™️ is that one mean rig that even the toughest fish cannot resist. ️ Catch multiple fish at once. ️ Imitates a school of shad swimming. ️ Attract bass from far distances. The Umbrella Rig™️ looks like a feast of fresh shad, tempting even. 18 INCH ARMS, RIGGED WITH 5 BAITS 4/0 HOOK These umbrella rigs are a Striper favorite. They come in 16 sizes and are crimped for extra strength. Replacement packs are pre-rigged for quick changing of individually damaged or lost shad due to fish bites The Just Add Shad Combo is just that, a Ready-To-Rig Umbrella Rig and BrellaBox Combo made just for you, the do-it-yourself angler who wants to make your own rigs. You know what colors and sizes work in your particular body of water and what you like to troll. You prefer to supply your own trailers and tie your own knots

A full selection of Cove Custom Series Umbrella Rigs - ready to fish. Each lure is had poured and tied on Maryland's Easter Shore. We rig with 80 pound mono, 150 lb. coastlock swivels and we crimp all connections. The trailing lures feature a 9 hand poured shad with a primary and stinger hook. New this year, you can have your rig packed in one. Lures. As per the illustration, a typical umbrella rig consists of a frame, several shad attached to the frame by a snap swivel and a lure running 18-24 behind the frame. The lure(s) can be set up to run either one straight down the middle or two on either side of the frame. Note, in Maryland, only two hooked lures are allowed per rod Skewl-R Series Swimbait / Umbrella Rig. PROvider Tackle Skewl-R Series Swimbait Rigs are built with 5 Stainless steel wires. A rubber wrap surrounds the wires to help from line breakage due to line wrapping around the wires. It comes with quality Duo Lock snap swivels, 3D eyes, oversize nose eye, hand painted colors, etc. Strike King Squadron Umbrella Rig Accessory Kits. Squadron Accessory Kit - Ghost Shad - 1/8 oz. SKU: 1411260300411-2184645 Buy from Basspro.com. Squadron Accessory Kit - Ghost Shad - 1/4 oz

Or you can rig a larger lure in the dropper position to present a larger target. To target big fish, rig a big plastic shad or large trolling tube four to six feet behind the other lures. Rigged in this manner, the other lures on the umbrella act more like teasers, and the dropper is what the bigger bass will key on We produce quality Spinnerbaits, Jigs, Rattling Jigs, Stripper Jigs, Buzzbaits, Umbrella Rigs, Shad Spins, Flutter Spoons, Jigging Spoons and Shepoons, a bait exclusive to Georgia Blade. Find us in your local Fishing Stores. We sell wholesale to your local fishing centers. We are Honored to be invited into our stores, and your fishing world The umbrella rig can be fished in all water clarities and works on both smallmouth and largemouth lakes. The deep, clear water of some northern smallmouth lakes can allow fish to find and track the bait from far distances. A common misconception with the umbrella rig is that it can only be fished in bodies of water with shad A frequent mix consists of two 3.5-inch Pulse swimbaits matching the 5-inch Sinful Shad running from the center arm and two 3.5-inch Pulse in one of the 12 other Pulse colors. In ultra-clear water, he switches to a more translucent color like Hologram Shad or Black Pearl. Catchin' Principles. It's hard to fish an umbrella rig wrong 2641 2641 Soft Shad Bodies (10pk) Loading zoom.. The unique paddle tail imparts an irresistible wobble in these shad bodies as they move through the water. Great rigged as swim baits or on a jig. Sold 10 per color to a bag. Sales Unit: 10 Pack

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Chesapeake Bay Lures Red Eye Shad Maryland Style Umbrella Rig . The ultimate in umbrella rigs. Made with heavy-duty, 24 inch, four-arm bar. Fully rigged with eight 7 ½ inch Red Eye teaser shads (no internal weight or hook) and one 9 Red Eye Shad (includes 6 oz internal weight, 12/0 heavy duty Eagle Claw® hook and exclusive top eyelet) BrellaBox started with a frustrated fisherman who decided there had to be a better way to store his umbrella rigs. The solution is a cleverly divided tackle box with hook-keeper slots that hold jig heads securely in place and prevent lines from tangling The Alabama Rig® is one of the most popular fishing methods to come along in years. Now comes a box for you to store them in. Each of these utility boxes stores four- and five-arm umbrella (Alabama) rigs. Holds up to four rigs. Dimensions: 14L x 9.1W x 2H Umbrella Rig Set-Up. State regulations have a big impact on umbrella rig usage. Some states changed laws in response to the umbrella rig phenomenon. A standard rig holds five swimbaits, but in some states, that is illegal. In other states, five baits are allowed but only 2-3 may have hooks. Other varieties exist

M-Pack Lures First let me say that your 1/2oz flipping jig was the reason my partner and I won our championship on lake Palestine. I never throw a jig cause I never get bites on them, I have tried all of them and just never had confidence in them, well conditions were very tough this weekend on Palestine and a jig was the key Typically orders in stock will ship in 5-7 business days. Sorry for any inconveniences. These are the replacement 5″ swimbaits for the Tackle Builders Atlas Rigs. Each pack comes with 3 baits. Size and colors may vary from baits shown. Related. Color. White, Black Shad, Chartreuse, Blue Shad, Sexy Shad

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StoreFront / Umbrella Rigs / 7 Ultralight Rig / 3.5 Swim Shad Ultralight Rig: Next Product > 3.5 Swim Shad Ultralight Rig. Color: Price: $19.99. Ship To: Weight: 3 Ounces . RELATED PRODUCTS. 3.5 Swim Shad: 4 Swim Shad Ultralight Rig. Trolling lures for sale at J & H are from the top manufacturers: Blue Water Candy, Boone, Carlson, ChatterLures, Dark Matter, Joe Shute, and Squidnation. We even offer one of our own trolling lures - an umbrella rig specifically designed to catch striped bass in the Northeast. Trolling lures prices are representative of their length and the. The castable umbrella rig (CUR), also called the chandelier rig or Alabama rig, was invented by Andy Poss in 2011. It consists of metal head weighing from 1/2 to 5/8 ounce (14.17 to 17.72g) and a set of flexible wire arms to which other lures can be attached to simulate a small school of baitfish. Not all jurisdictions allow its use, but if yours does, you'll need to use the right tackle and. A thin cousin to the Chunky Shad, the Reaction Strike 4″ Thin Shad offers anglers a versatile bait usable in almost any technique, style, body of water, and fishing scenario.. The Thin Shad is thinner than most swimbaits but vicious and unforgiving on umbrella or A-rigs, vibrating jigs, spinnerbaits, Texas-rigs, and Carolina Rigs

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The rig is essentially two umbrella rigs stuck together, reminiscent of the humorous Photoshopped renditions that made the rounds on Facebook back in the day. His go-to configuration is 2.8-inch Keitech Swing Impact FAT swimbaits (shad-colored in clear water and white in muddy water) all around on 1/16-ounce Shane's Baits jigheads Canal Attack Shad 6 5.5oz Pearl White Storm Tsunami Shad. The Canal Bait and Tackle Mack Attack Shad lure is a great match to small baitfish. The weight of the lure will get it down thru heavy current, perfect for the Cape Cod Canal. This lure can also be trolled behind a boat at around 3 knots. Durable soft..

The Megabass Spark Shad is a swimbait that was made to look and move just like a a real bait fish. Try the Megabass Spark Shad by itself or on an Umbrella rig PJ Lures is committed to providing the Weekend Warrior, Professional tournament anglers and Fun-Fishing anglers with the finest quality and best priced jigs available. So take some PJ's baits with you on your next fishing trip and hang on, because the next fish you catch may be the Fish of your Dreams This umbrella rig recently accounted for a would-be record largemouth from Pickwick Lake in Tennessee (the fish was released before it could be officially weighed). It's also (at time of publishing) the only umbrella rig that has a rattle in the head. A silent model is available as well. Two head colors are avilable 20 4 Arm Umbrella Shad Rig with a 9 Chaser Lure with Stinger Hook. Rig has (8) Teasers! Excellent for Striper Fishing. COLOR WILL BE YELLOW CHARTREUSE ON THIS RIG Total Score: 8.21 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD Introduction: Soft bodied, paddle tail swimbaits have become a staple of the bass angler's tackle box. It began with the Basstrix hollow body craze over ten years ago and there was a revival when the umbrella rig exploded onto the scene roughly five years ago. Today, we take a look at Big Bite Bait's interpretation of this classic bait

You are looking at a Bulk Bag of 50 count 3 Shad! This is a private label brand offered to you by Christopherson Bait! This 3 Shad is a salt impregnated soft plastic Lure.It doesn't matter if you are a tournament fisherman or just someone who has a passion for catching Big Bass and a lot of them, this bait will work for you.This is great for Umbrella Rigs 3.5 Swim Shad. Price: $6.99. The Striper Sniper® 3.5 Swim Shad features a realistic baitfish profile that is irresistible to numerous freshwater and saltwater gamefish. The wide paddle tail design creates vibration and water displacement for added attraction. Whether fished on a jighead or trolled on an umbrella rig, this Swim Shad will. 3.5 Swim Minnow. This 3.5 inch swim minnow faithfully imitates shad and other baitfish and works as a swimbait, trailer or even on umbrella rigs. Boot tail enhances vibration and creates realistic swimming action to attract big fish. A must have lure for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass These lures differentiate themselves from most parachutes because of the Mylar strips added to the parachute hair. Trolled at 1.5 to 3 knots, this parachute catches striped bass (rockfish). Rigged with a 6, 9 or 12 inch sassy shad, this lure can be run as a single, tandem or behind an umbrella frame. We offer these baits in all configurations

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Shad School Umbrella Rig, Fishing In Florida, Tennesse, Alabama etc .040 wire at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Buy fishing vault 5 Arms 8 Bladed Alabama Umbrella Rig Bass Lure 20cm at Desertcart. FREE Delivery Across Botswana. FREE Returns. ProductId : 46713709 Louisiana Triple Threat is most versatile umbrella rig on the market for bass fishing, red fishing, crappie / perch / sac-a-lait fishing, or any other predatory fish fishing! Umbrella rig has three hooks, a spinner blade, and folds compactly to fit in standard tackle trays, eliminating storing issue..

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