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Watch on. 0:00. 0:00. 0:00 / 8:49. Live. •. NOTE: All of the student examples were created by students who earned scholarships based on the work and effort demonstrated in their ePortfolios. We have received written permission from the students to share their ePortfolios with you. Suzanne Wood Portfolio Examples | College for Creative Studies. Home. > Admissions > Undergraduate Admissions > Portfolio Requirements > Portfolio Examples. Transferring Credits to CCS. Portfolio Requirements. Veterans. General Timeline. Competitions. Request an Appointment

Sample Portfolios. View examples of Career Portfolios by College, including excerpts from. Career Portfolio contest winners' Career Portfolios College portfolio examples Take a look at this single-topic college portfolio in PDF format, made by 2 students. The portfolio compiles 3 studies on stereotype threats. This student portfolio is made up by different projects made by Madelaine, a university undergraduate who specializes in landscape architecture a. Arkansas Northeastern College PLA - Portfolio Guidelines b. Arkansas Northeastern College PLA - Portfolio Slideshow c. Student's Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Checklist 1 Repeat for each course. 2 Visit www.anc.edu faculty/staff directory for more information on departments and contact information. 3 Repeat for each course. By bestfolios.com — collecting the best designer portfolio websites, resumes and design resources.. 10 Student Portfolios Done Right — 2019 is published by bestfolios.com in Bestfolios certification from another country as of today. I took some classes at a community college in the last couple of years. This route was taking longer than I thought so I ended up coming to Purdue Global to expedite my degree program. My current manager took online classes from another online university and he did ge

Student portfolios or assessment portfolios are collections of student work meant to define individual progress and inform future teaching. These can either be in physical or digital form—ePortfolios are increasingly popular. Because student portfolios and are designed to be comprehensive representations of a student's abilities, they can be used to design accommodations and modifications Portfolio Site Examples; Start Creating Your Awesome Website Today! If you're a student or a professional looking to get ahead, you need a website. The use of the @ symbol is a great way to differentiate her brand name while appealing to her college student audience

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Sample Portfolios Here are some recent portfolios of students who achieved Certification: College of Arts & Letters Lucie Lecocq-Aussingnargues (French Language and Literature Examples of resources include digital cameras, video equipment, technology resources, and personnel to assist individual students. Owning the portfolio: Students are empowered to design, develop..

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  1. Here is one of the best student portfolio examples showcasing the power of simplicity. Elizabeth cuts it down to the information any prospect might need, like contacts. Yet, it looks cozy and inviting, like the opening phrase Let's Tell Your Story. Taha Khan portfolio example
  2. Her portfolio is a great example because of her easy-to-use navigation, extraordinary photography samples and the breadth of communication samples. For DC students, the main objective of your portfolio should be to show that you are a qualified and accomplished communicator
  3. For example, architecture students might include a page of fine art while art and technology students might include a furniture design. Remember, your goal is to illustrate your basic design skills. Unlike a portfolio, work samples provide a snapshot of your skills and experience
  4. ar class. They may also be viewed by successful alumni who offer.

2. Zheng Zhang. Zheng is a student at RIT pursuing Master degree of Visual Communications Design. Zheng's portfolio is clean yet bold. The poster graphic on the top pops out his visual skills Preparing Your Portfolio Developing and maintaining a professional portfolio is an effective marketing tool you can use in addition to your resumé. Anyone in any field can develop a portfolio to assist in presenting achievements and accomplishments when applying for a position, attending interviews, or using during a performance review session There's no getting around it: a student online portfolio website is a necessity if you want to work in a creative field like photography. Whether you need to create a photography portfolio website in order to apply to an art university or college or you just want to document your progress in a photography course, we've got all of the tips you'll need for creating a high quality photography. When you create your student portfolio, it will also demonstrate your strengths and growth as an artist or performer. The portfolio goes beyond a transcript, recommendation, test score, college interview, or even an essay to show what you are doing and to attest to the commitment you have to your area of interest. Modern portfolios often come.

Sample e-Portfolios BCC Students and Staff Benson, Miriam Brown, Kathrine Cable, Ciara. Glezen, Trisha Guarchaj, Diego . Helmich, Brook Hogan, Theresa Hollow, Karen. GED and enrolled in my first college courses. For the first time in my life I found I was actually intelligent. A new world was opened to me. I completed my 12 months with AmerCorps with two three-inch binders of information on program development, leadership development, adult principles of learning, board development and many other things

For instance, your college student portfolio can deliver: A wide range of materials evidencing your work (media, images, video, etc.) Demonstrations of required competencies Work samples across a very broad spectrum of creative field These photography portfolio examples for university provide the inspiration you need to create a unique and memorable photography portfolio for college applications.s. Naomi Wong. Lauren Holmquist. Eamon MacMahon. Fred Tougas. Now get started on that photography portfolio for college! We can't wait to see what you come up with They helped me to go through my best pieces and explained to me why some pieces worked better than others. One of the more unique aspects of my art school portfolio was a short 15-second animation I made while taking a pre-college class in animation. I only had 2 weeks to make it, but I think it was one of the highlights of my art school portfolio

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Sample Career Portfolios View examples of Career Portfolios by College, including excerpts from Career Portfolio contest winners' Career Portfolios. Troubleshooting Get answers for common Career Portfolio technical issues and questions. Frequently Asked Questions Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about building and using the. SAMPLE STUDENT PORTFOLIO. Personal Narrative My Career Choice My College Options Academic Plan/Goals Financial Plan Being a Child Shouldn't Hurt. My Path to Becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. Since I was a teenager I have had this dream of becoming a therapist for deaf and hard of hearing children.. Student Example ePortfolios. Before our next meeting, write a portfolio piece and save it somewhere online so that you can upload it to your ePortfolio template later. College One is a journey of attempting to develop reading skills AND demystify college while supporting the personal, social, cognitive, and knowledge-building domains.

Here are portfolio tips and samples from Smashing Magazine. Penn State's ePortfolio strategy enables students to use either a Blog or HTML-based Web editing tools. See also the Penn State ePortfolio gallery. Here are ePortfolio examples from Auburn University. Follow this link to the Clemson ePortfolio gallery Jun 11, 2015 - Fashion Portfolios and Lookbooks from award winning fashion students including the winner of the CFDA Teen Vogue Scholarship. See more ideas about fashion portfolio, student portfolios, student fashion

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  1. portfolio is a purposeful and self‐reflective collection of a student's work generated during the process of completing graduate course work, each student's portfolio should: Serve as a translation of graduate student performance standards and learnin
  2. Download sample portfolios from prior assessments along with scoring guidelines and scoring distributions. If you are using assistive technology and need help accessing these PDFs in another format, contact Services for Students with Disabilities at 212-713-8333 or by email at ssd@info.collegeboard.org. Note: These resources were developed prior to the 2019-20 course and portfolio updates
  3. Top 5 Best Architecture Portfolio Examples. Examples are just for a clear idea, not to copy. Your portfolio must be unique and different from that of others. It should include your unique selling point with an appealing design. I researched to find out the top 5 best portfolio design examples of well-renowned architects

Rollin was already a student at Bennington college, when he decided to transfer to a B.Arch. program to study architecture. He worked with us in the Fall of 2017. We helped Rollin develop an initial differentiation strategy based on his multifaceted background, which brought lots of areas together and made sense of them by collaging their essences Gather documents from your college classes, from copies of graded tests and papers to notes from professors and peers. If you have made things for your classes, such as paintings, sculptures or 3D models, take quality photos of the work since they will serve as ideal college student portfolio examples The folder will have due dates, instructions to assignments, and grades. I will upload the blank assignment - Title: Student Work Folder Parents, every two weeks the student will get a portfolio sheet like this (Example to the right) that will be stored on an in-class folder. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to vie

Stellar Examples of Creative Online Portfolio & Personal Websites for Students and Young Pros. Building your own online portfolio is the easiest way to make your work available to the world.. According to Forbes, 56% of hiring managers find online portfolios more impressive than any other personal branding materials (resume, cover letter, etc.), but only 7% of job-seekers have an online portfolio Pros Of Public Digital Portfolios. Students may be interested in using their work to attract potential employers or college admission officers. This is more difficult if a student's portfolio is private, however, as a compromise, students can provide credentials to particular individuals Samples of students e-portfolios built on Google Site About These College Portfolio Examples. Below are some college portfolio examples from our past students who have attended the College Portfolio Program.All of the portfolios below were accepted to the colleges they applied to 3301 College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314-7796 (954) 262-8117 or 800-541-6682, ext. 8117 Prior Learning Handbook Sample Portfolio . 1 Table of Contents This class is designed to acquaint the student with fundamental aspects of the earth's ecosystem

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Types of Portfolio • Evaluative portfolio • Working portfolio • Showcase portfolio • Archival portfolio 8/6/2014Footer Text 5 6. Evaluative portfolio OUse to analyze a student's progress relative to program goals, objectives or standards OIncludes work samples, anecdotal records, reading/writing logs, checklists, tests data and parent. Successful portfolio examples. Our Admissions Guides contain selection of sample successful GSA portfolio examples for each programme and important information what each programme requires you submit with your digital portfolio upload, including how many image slides you need A portfolio is a sample of your career related skills and experiences and should be presented in your own creative style. The following is typically included in a career portfolio: Statement of Originality: A paragraph stating that this is your work and that it is confidential. It should also indicate if any parts of the portfolio should not be. Raoul Gaillard's portfolio website showcases both his visual and interactive design skills . Raoul Gaillard is a web developer and UI student at Hetic in Paris. His portfolio site shows off his coding smarts from the word go, with colourful, undulating geometric shapes making the transition between each page a delight for the user

Student Architecture Portfolio Portfolio Spreads from my selected 2010-2012 Kent State University undergraduate and graduate studio projects Students network with professionals who get to vote for the students' top portfolios. By the time they graduate, students have a creative and engaging way to present their resumes and work samples to prospective employers. View a gallery of student portfolios and other resources for completing a professional portfolio

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Sample Graduate Portfolios. Below are some examples from successful applications for the Graduate Community Engagement Portfolios. Because the exact program/write-up criteria have been modified since the program began, not all of these necessarily follow the current guidelines, so be sure not to follow these as a strict model These samples represent typical student work at score points 2-6 on a 6-point scale, when evaluated using the 2017-18 exam scoring guidelines. Please note that the Sustained Investigation and the Range of Approaches sample sections are from two different students' portfolios. Each sample section includes Showcase Portfolios. a. to showcase end-of-year/semester accomplishments. b. to prepare a sample of best work for employment or college admission. c. to showcase student perceptions of favorite, best or most important work. d. to communicate a student's current aptitudes to future teachers. 3. Evaluation Portfolios A student portfolio is a purposeful collection of work samples from each of the learning areas that stretch over a designated period of time. It may contain work samples from each learning area, assessment tasks , photos, student self-reflection, student learning goals, and more Student Portfolio Uses. There are three general purposes of student portfolios (electronic or paper-based). The portfolio program of an institution or department may have one or more of the following purposes - but keep in mind: no one portfolio (that is, competed, finished product with all the same content) can fulfill all the following purposes

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AP Studio Art 3-D Student Samples: Portfolio Exam Sections. Each year in preparation for portfolio evaluation, the AP Studio Art leadership team selects samples from submitted portfolios. These selections serve as definitive examples of student work aligned with the given score point. Extensive training using the samples prepares evaluators to. To facilitate student engagement between their peers and instructor, and to challenge students to reflect and be creative in their work, students in FR 671- Contemporary landscapes: community, environment and aesthetics created a portfolio. Throughout the term, each element of their portfolio was shared with classmates and students gave and. College Admission - The pressure of getting into a good college can be quite nerve-racking. You have to worry about tests, interviews, grades, and a whole lot more just to get into the program you badly want The student portfolio serves several purposes: 1. The portfolio is an authentic method of assessing educational outcomes. 2. The portfolio is a comprehensive means of assessing Florida Educator Accomplished Practices attained by the student during the program. 3. The portfolio documents the student's best practices and products. 4

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Featured Student ePortfolios. Here are a selected sample of student ePortfolios from different disciplines Once your college portfolio is finished you are ready to start applying for jobs. Remember though, your work portfolio is a representation of your best work which will off course change over time. As you get more 'real life experience' go back and add the examples to your portfolio and replace the college examples Example Grad Student Professional Summary Grad students have the advantage of listing the degree(s) they have already earned in their summaries. It may feel like students in a graduate program are too busy to market themselves, but in reality, this is the best time to make new connections Secondary School Portfolios: Northridge Academy High School Senior Portfolio. Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School (BRVGS) examples of Senior Projects. Ryan Minnick (BRVGS) Kathy Schrock's blog entry on how her district is implementing GoogleApps. RSU #19 Portfolio Template. RSU#19's GoogleApps for Education Portfolio Plan Many university and college art portfolio examples can be found online or in campus libraries (some art schools retain hardcopy examples to help students the following year - these can be invaluable) and a large number of varied student art portfolio examples are featured in this article below

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Students will be required to submit an electronic portfolio and supporting documentation during their last semester before graduation. The ePortfolio has two primary tasks: First, it serves as a central repository that allows us to evaluate the elements of your application for the ISC Career Portfolio. 1. Career Portfolio Matthew William Waechter 170 Saratoga Ave. NW (330) 705­3581 Canton, Ohio 44708 matt.waechter@hotmail.com. 2 College student resume tips on how to share your skills, education and experience, including college student resume examples to help you captivate employers. april.jackson@email.com • 555-102-1512 • aprilsmith.portfolio.net. Pro Tip: Use professional contact information. Here is an example of a college student resume, based on the. The Portfolio-Building Power Tool for Students. With Portfolium's free Folio Network, you can build an impressive online portfolio showcasing your learning achievements. When you leave school, your Folio follows, so you can add new wins and experiences as you complete internships and volunteer work, acquire new skills, and land jobs Employers want to see you demonstrate your ability to tell a story and interact online. You need to be a storyteller and you'll want to use your portfolio to tell your unique story using work examples. Start by organizing your portfolio into simple sections: a homepage, an about me section, resume, examples of your work and contact information

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A portfolio is a compilation of work that has been put together for a specific purpose, and generally includes reflection on the whole. The First-Year Writing Portfolio at Spelman College has four primary purposes: Demonstrate your achievements as a writer and critical thinker during your first year at Spelman I started this blog originally as a college portfolio website to showcase my writing skills. Clearly, it's changed a bit since then. I recently spent a lot of time developing my own portfolio website, and I think it's something every college student needs to have.. Better yet, it doesn't have to be expensive or challenging to get started with your own portfolio website As a student, the information you should emphasize in your cover letter will vary depending upon your level of education. Here are examples of effective cover letters created for students at the high school, college, and graduate levels. Recent College Graduate Sample #1. Recent College Graduate Sample #2. Response to Job Posting Transfer students must submit a minimum of 10 pieces. If you have taken any college-level art or design courses, include examples of work that demonstrate the skills you gained from the class. 2. Create an account with SlideRoom. Visit slideroom ; Create your account and confirm via email. Follow instructions to upload attachments and. According to a survey by the Educational Placement Consortium , the most useful portfolio items include: evidence of writing skills, creativity, knowledge base, organization, leadership, achievement, initiative, innovation and examples of student work, writing samples, personal statement and goals, photographs, resume, transcripts and.

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Instructions for Credit by Portfolio 1. Student works with PLA Specialist to identify course(s) matched to experience to pursue credit by portfolio. Student is provided syllabus to identify learning outcomes. 2. Final portfolio addressing all learning outcomes of the course is submitted to PLA Office an Advisor professional development portfolio examples and guidelines. Catherine Buyarski, Director University College Advising Center. INTRODUCTION. The professional portfolio is a powerful tool that honors personal and professional history, celebrates present accomplishments, and encourages one's hopes and dreams Click on the examples shown below to view some of the past ePortfolio projects at Clemson. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about ePortfolio. Exemplars. Award Winning Career ePortfolio. Award Winning Internship ePortfolio Engineering Capstone ePortfolio. Law School Application ePortfolio In-Progress Internship ePortfoli SAMPLE STUDENT PORTFOLIO. Personal Narrative My Career Choice My College Options Academic Plan/Goals Financial Plan My Personal Narrative The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller. When I was a young child, I attended school as most, but struggled to get by. The power of digital student portfolios - Why bother with student portfolios?? Digital Portfolios - Explains what a digital portfolio is and includes examples of student portfolios. My Digital Portfolio Project Planning - Portfolios allow students to regularly reflect on their learning process—deepening their connection to content

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are uncertain. Students thus face a portfolio choice problem in their application decision, while colleges choose admissions standards that act like market-clearing prices. Enrollment at each college is a ected by the standards at the other college through student portfolio reallocation. In equilibrium, student-college sorting ma A college portfolio is a presentation of accomplishments and achievements throughout the high school years. Even if your student has not yet made a decision about whether or not to attend college, it would be wise to begin a portfolio during their freshman year

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<p>the best thing you could do would be to visit the schools you are interested in and look at their collection of accepted portfolios. make sure your portfolio shows variety (unlike the one kendezi posted. while it was good, there was no variation...just a bunch of still life paintings and drawings that basically all looked the same). showcase all that you can do. photography is also. Tell Me About Yourself Examples for College Students Don't let the inevitable, open-ended question at your college or internship interview fill you with dread. These creative and unique tell me about yourself examples will help you demonstrate your motivations and background in a way that'll wow when it really matters A common practice is to send a copy of your print portfolio towards the office of choice, do this only when you are certain that the portfolio and the officer are in sync, for a perfect print experience, we recommend Blurb. Best Architecture Portfolio Examples, Covers, Designs Sebastian Comanesc