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Unlike Android, WhatsApp images do not show up automatically in Photos or any other gallery apps when downloaded on iPhone. To show them in the default gallery app, you need to either manually save.. WhatsApp images not showing in Android gallery Fix manually Go to settingfind appsin apps search whatsappclear cache of whatsappdelete whatsappreinstall it a.. First of all, launch WhatsApp app on your Android smartphone. Step 2. Now open the chat whose pictures are not showing the gallery app. Next, t ap on the Contact name If your WhatsApp images not showing in gallery, you can turn on the function to save photos to gallery automatically by: Open WhatsApp and tap on the three vertically stacked dots in the top right corner. On the popup, choose settings and then pick Chats. Make sure that Media visibility is enabled

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  1. The issue of WhatsApp Photos not showing in the Gallery is usually related to the Media visibility settings in WhatsApp. To ensure that it's enabled: Open WhatsApp on your phone, tap the three-dot menu on the top right corner, and select Settings. Navigate to the Chats section
  2. WhatsApp media not showing in gallery app fix [Android] One way is to change the in-app settings for all the chats in WhatsApp for media visibility, follow these steps: 1. Launch WhatsApp and Click..
  3. The last recommended way to save WhatsApp photos on Android is using WhatsApp Photos Backup. This powerful tool helps you download photos from WhatsApp to a computer in one click and restore WhatsApp backups from the computer to a new device quickly
  4. If you press and hold on the relevant image in Whatsapp, a popup menu should appear. Simply select 'Save' from the list of options to save the individual image to your Gallery. Hope this helps. ^AL 0 Like
  5. How to stop saving WhatsApp photos to Android phone's Gallery If you are using an Android device and want to stop media files including pictures and videos from all individual chats and groups being automatically saved to Gallery folder, you need to disable the Media visibility feature
  6. If you don't want the downloaded WhatsApp photos to appear in your phone's Gallery, then you can also go to its File System > Storage > WhatsApp > WhatsApp Images. Here, you can create a new file, name it as .nomedia and save it. Later, you can delete the file to make WhatsApp photos appear on your phone's Gallery again
  7. Firstly, launch WhatsApp on your Android and go to the conversation thread where your photo is present. Just tap on the download icon to save this photo on your device. You can find all the downloaded photos on your device's Gallery. Just go to the Gallery app and look for the WhatsApp Images folder

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However, all hope is not lost as there is more than one method that is equally simple to save photos from WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. We will discuss all of them in our guide, so please continue reading and learn them with step-by-step instructions stated with each section below. Part 1. How to Save Photos from WhatsApp to Gallery on Android Stop WhatsApp from Auto-Saving Images on Android The process for Android is slightly different. Open the WhatsApp app and tap on the three-dot menu button from the top toolbar. Here, tap on the Settings option Long-press the WhatsApp Images folder and make sure that it is selected. Do the same with the WhatsApp Video and WhatsApp Audio folders. After selecting the three folders, tap the three dots icon..

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  1. g Media if it is not already enabled. With this, you should be able to find all photos received from WhatsApp in your Gallery app
  2. WhatsApp is a brilliant mobile tool, letting you not only send text messages back and forth with friends but also share pictures, videos and other files in a matter of seconds
  3. If you use WhatsApp on a Samsung, you are using the Android version. And on the Android version, there is no simple switch to stop your phone automatically save photos to your Gallery
  4. How to Save Images and Videos from WhatsApp to your Device or Computer This article is intended to show you how to save the videos and pictures that you receive on WhatsApp to the camera roll on your device or to your computer. You might have been..
  5. g media - By default, photos and videos you receive through WhatsApp will automatically be saved in the WhatsApp folder of your iPhone's Photos. To stop inco
  6. Android Smartphones Year 2018. WhatsApp usually gives you lots of photos and videos from your friends. These images and videos are displayed in the Gallery app of your phone in the WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Video folders. You may not want to do that and are now looking for a way to hide this folder

But unfortunately, I couldn't find my Whatsapp images and videos in gallery. So I cleared cache of Whatsapp via settings. Then I restarted my device. Still I didn't find my Whatsapp data in gallery. Now after getting some new images and videos through Whatsapp, I checked again. Now I can see those videos and images Saving photos people send you on WhatsApp is really easy! By default, all photos that are sent to you are saved on your phone anyway. If you've turned this off (something you can do in the Settings > Chats > Media visibility/Save to Camera roll section), you can still save images

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Make sure that the app is not running in the background. 2. Open your phone's native file manager and go to WhatsApp. Then click on Media. 3. Now, move the content in the Media folder to Android > Media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp> Media. 4. Remember, you need to just move the contents of the media folder and not the entire folder. 5 When you receive a photo or video from a contact in WhatsApp, after you load it, it's automatically saved to your phone's local storage. That means all received content from WhatsApp is visible to anyone who gains access to your default photo gallery. Luckily, there's a new feature available for the Android version of the app that can prevent this from happening Steps to fix photos not saving issue an android 10. 1. Update the Google Camera App from play store. Sometimes a new big new update tend to change the default settings of certain apps. However, here how you can fix the issue. Open Google Play. Search for Google Camera, tap it. Tap on the update button to update the application I also personally prefer to have my photos in my Samsung Gallery and back up to Dropbox which I've set to automatic. There should be something in your preferences settings either in the Samsung Gallery or the Google App. And or force stop it in Settings_Apps or indeed delete it if possible. Samsung One Ui 3.1/ Android 11

These code are same as everyone .If you try the bellow code after this it will work. You just need these one line of code: MediaScannerConnection.scanFile (GenerateQRCodeActivity.this,new String [] {file.getPath ()},new String [] {image/jpeg},null); Boom!!! Yo can now get your saved image on your Gallery Whereas if the user has not yet updated the WhatsApp then the save button is still their in place but when it is clicked, the user gets a message saying Failed to save WhatsApp profile picture. So in both cases, whether the user has updated the app or not, he/she will not be able to download the DP / profile picture of another user Why You Should Stop Saving Photos From iMessage, WhatsApp And Android Messages. Zak Doffman. Contributor. Think twice before you save photos onto your device, he told me, as they can. If that is not the case, then launch a file explorer app (example apps are ASTRO File Manager or X-Plore) and browse to the Pictures/camera directory where you should see your images. The next time your media gets re-indexed (phone reboot, or a re-index triggered from elsewhere), you should see these pictures in your gallery/photo apps

Here are the steps on how to stop Whatsapp saving photos on Samsung S7/S8/S9/S10. Open your WhatsApp and go to Chat windows. Then click on three verticals dots located on the top right corner. Select the Settings from the drop-down menu. A new window will open; click on Data and Storage Usage You have learned two simple procedures to save Whatsapp profile pictures on your Android Device, despite of the fact that WhatsApp is not offering this feature at the moment. So, in case of having any questions or issues regarding one of the steps here presented, don't hesitate to use the comments section from below or send us a message How to save WhatsApp Status messages to gallery So, here, I am mentioning two methods with the help of which you can save the WhatsApp statuses, no matter they are images or videos. Note: But, before diving into this quick guide, make sure you aren't bothering anyone's privacy or better ask the person itself that you're saving the. How to stop WhatsApp to automatically save down images and videos into your camera roll. WhatsApp is a free messaging application, owned by Facebook, that allows users to send text messages, voice and video calls, images, other media files and user location.. It is particularly well-known app, having over a billion users, and for many has become the preferred contact app of choice - some 60. Over the years, WhatsApp photos and videos occupy a huge chunk of your smartphone's storage, especially if you are not in the habit of cleaning the junk out of your media library. If you're wondering how you can stop saving WhatsApp media to your phone's gallery, follow these steps

Step-by-Step: How to Stop Whatsapp Saving photos and Videos. Whatsapp's development team has made it easy for users to turn off the save media feature. All you have to do is follow these steps on your Android or iOS device. 1. Locate the Whatsapp application on your device and open it. 2 The photos and videos you received or sent on WhatsApp will always be saved to the internal memory of your phone. There is no way to have the media files saved to an SD card automatically unless you root your Android device and use apps like XInternalSD to make your phone think of SD card storage as internal memory Open the Google Photos app. At the bottom, tap Library Photos on device. Tap a folder that you want to back up. At the top, turn on Back up & sync. Clear your app data. Open your device's Settings app (not the Google Settings app). Tap Apps and notifications Google Photos app . Tap Disable and wait a bit. Tap Enable

To view them again in your Gallery, you will just require to go to the WhatsApp images, and delete the .nomedia file which is in there. You'll be able to see them again, and in case you don't, clear the cache and data once again. In case you don't want to hide and make your Gallery secure by merely locking it, you can try AppLock for Android How to Force Close WhatsApp on iOS. Double click the physical Home button (for iPhone 8 or earlier & iPhone SE 2020) or swipe up from the bottom of your device's screen and release your finger when the app preview cards appear on the screen. Swipe up the WhatsApp preview to force close it. Launch WhatsApp again and check if you're able to download media files How To Fix Samsung Galaxy A9 Camera Not Saving Pictures To Gallery. Problem: Today was the firsts time I ever experienced my phone not being able to save pictures. Also, my pictures that were. Activate the option Save to gallery » To save Whatsapp photos from a specific discussion group on your Wiko Jerry 3 . In the event that you want to have a minimum of control over stored photos in your Android smartphone, you will have to choose to save WhatsApp photos from specific chats or groups. To do this, follow the procedure below How to save WhatsApp Status photos and videos on your smartphone. Step 1: First of all, you will need a file manager app. We used the one named 'File Manager (File transfer)' as it was already.

If you only want to save WhatsApp images/videos to computer, the backup feature is enough, get the easy operation from the article below. Download Download. Step 1: Download the EelPhone WhatsApp Transfer tool, from the main page of the tool, click on WhatsApp feature. Step 2: From the left side, it's all operable social apps, but what you need. Today, a friend of mine found some pictures are suddenly missing on her Samsung gallery application and even in other image viewer. The strangest thing is that she could see them in the default folder where she save the pictures. So they did not gone forever from her phone, but decided to not show up in her phone Gallery Per WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is adding photo upload quality settings to a future beta version on Android. The feature will let users choose to send images in Best Quality or Data Saver modes. The.

By default, your photos from WhatsApp are copied to Google Photos, but not copied to the cloud. To back up the photos, you need to turn on sync. Start the Google Photos app and tap the menu button. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Step #2. Tap Settings from the bottom right. Step #3. Tap Chats → Enable the switch for Save to Camera Roll if it's turned off. Now, ask a friend to send a photo or video on WhatsApp to test if it gets saved to the camera roll or not. If it does, the problem's solved. If not, head to the next step How to stop WhatsApp saving photos on Android: Begin by opening WhatsApp and go to the window where chats are shown. Then select Settings, the three vertical dots on the top right hand side By default, on both Android and iOS, WhatsApp will automatically download and save images to your phone. The platform does this so it can provide quick access to your latest photos

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The second solution to hide THE WhatsApp image from Android is the Nomedia solution. This is also a quick workaround to hide Images and videos from Gallery, by adding a '.nomedia' file inside that particular folder. To do this, navigate to WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images with Android File manager And later try to resend the photos on WhatsApp. Try Deleting Whatsapp Cache Data. If your SD card does not have space problems and still has issues in sending, then try deleting WhatsApp Cache data from your SD card. Here are the steps to delete Whatsapp Cache Data. Open the Settings section on your phone

WHATSAPP has quietly rolled out a new feature that lets Android users re-download media files they deleted, including photos, videos, GIFs, audio clips, and documents If you are an Android user, then you must be aware of Google Photos and its feature that allows users to back up their entire gallery to cloud and free up space on the smartphone. Also, the app offers unlimited cloud storage if a user chooses to upload them in high quality WhatsApp photos can be deleted in two ways — from WhatsApp itself and the photo-viewer (gallery app). The steps and functionality differ for Android and iPhone. Let's check out various methods. Option 1. Save WhatsApp Photos from iPhone Automatically. When you grant WhatsApp with access to the Photos app, it will not result in WhatsApp saving all the photos to your iPhone. WhatsApp will not be able to save the photos as long as Save to Camera Roll is turned off in the Chat settings

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My samsung galaxy grand has problem in saving photos. Whenever i took a picture, and i try to look for it in the gallery the command will say the picture cant be found. Same goes to when i save picture from whatsapp 2. Manually Save Pictures / Videos. How to save WhatsApp pictures to SD card manually: â‘  In WhatsApp, open the content you wish to download to your phone. â‘¡ Tap on the download/save button at the bottom left and then the content will be added to the phone's gallery automatically

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Status Save To Gallery - Status Saver 2020. Just open Status Save To Gallery App view all statuses and save in gallery with single click. This Status Viewer let you view all statuses from your storage in good manner. Status Save To Gallery first App let you save Normal and business status at one place WhatsApp will automatically download the attached photos and videos to Android gallery. Every day, we are sending and receiving a lot of WhatsApp media files. These gallery files are visible to anybody who is checking your gallery images and videos. In addition to this, the daily users might face the Internal Storage Memory issue In case of Android, when a media file is deleted by the sender, it also gets removed from the phone's gallery, however, because Apple does not allow WhatsApp access to the camera roll, despite deleting the file from the chat, it remains in the iPhone. We also tested the feature and the issue seems to be there

Here's how you can stop Whatsapp saving photos and videos to your phone. Open Whatsapp and go to the Settings tab and tap Chats. On the Chats screen, there is an option 'Save to Camera Roll'. Turn it Off. Whatsapp will now download all files sent to you over chat but it will not automatically save them to your camera roll How To Save WhatsApp Status Videos, Images On Smartphones. Method 1: Old-School Screenshot Method. Saving a WhatsApp status video or image isn't a big task. But you need to know the right steps. The .nomedia file hides the media by instructing Android's media scanner to skip folders where its found when finding new images and videos to add to the gallery. As such, if you delete this file the media will no longer be hidden. Sometimes however some apps (including WhatsApp) may not detect the .nomedia file but it's possible to fix that.. This is however not restricted to the default. For recovering photos and images, select Gallery and press Next. Step 6. After the scan is completed, all the photos will be displayed on the screen. Select the files which need to be recovered and press Recover. The recovered photos will be stored on the PC from where they can be transferred to the device

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The latest best version of WhatsApp messenger for Android has a new feature that gives users more control over the visibility of media on their devices.. The new version adds an option to the chat application to hide media from specific chats in the gallery of the device. WhatsApp users could hide all media from the gallery only up until now and the new feature adds more control to it as you. Believe it or not, recovering deleted photos through WhatsApp Web is quite easy. In addition, you can perform this method whether you have iOS or an Android. Here is the simple step-by-step guide: Log in to WhatsApp Web from your computer. Go into WhatsApp on your phone Step 2: Save all WhatsApp videos/ images from iPhone to the external drive. When it finish the scanning, it will show all the chat messages. And you can change to Resource tab to preview all WhatsApp media files. Just select WhatApp videos/ images and then click Save button to extract them to the external drive Steps to Send Images via Whatsapp iOS as per your Sequence Order. If you are an individual who loves taking pictures so much, then WhatsApp is a good choice to save images and share to the world. Saving photos in WhatsApp and arranging it to the desired sequence or order is easy and hassle-free

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Select Download.. If the arrow is not immediately visible, hover your mouse on the image or video and a white arrow will appear on the top right corner. 2. Save the photo or video to your computer. The filename will indicate the date and time that the media was shared on WhatsApp. 3 Status Saver for WhatsApp - Download & Save Status can help you download images and photos from WhatsApp Status in simple steps. It is super fast and 100% free. With Status Saver for WhatsApp - Download & Save Status app. You can easily save videos and images from WhatsApp Status to your Android device

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WhatsApp follows current best practices provided by operating systems for media storage and looks forward to providing updates in line with Android's ongoing development. Still, these aren. Save your WhatsApp Stickers in your gallery. Features: Save WhatsApp stickers to gallery Completely free and private. Works with thousand of saved stickers Original Sticker size-----Disclaimer: This Android Application is not related to or sponsored by WhatsApp. Legal

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Step 2 Run the WhatsApp Transfer on your Windows computer, then you can see three sections on the interface: Backup WhatsApp, Restore WhatsApp from local backup and Restore WhatsApp from iTunes backup.. Step 3 To transfer WhatsApp photos from iPhone to Windows computer, tap on Backup WhatsApp module. And the program will timely start the backup process This article explains how to open the gallery in your phone and display the selected images, capture a photo from the camera and save it to the gallery of your Android phone. First, the user will need to choose if he/she wants to select an image from the gallery or wants to capture an image from the camera By contrast, the feature works differently on WhatsApp for Android. Once a user has used 'Delete for Everyone,' media files saved to Android recipient's photo gallery also get wiped

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This interaction is not just limited to text but also audio and video calls. Users can also share photos and videos to one another. But many WhatsApp users, when sometimes accessing photo, video and other media, face the following WhatsApp media files missing problem. The image shows the exact message one receives when encountering such a problem On Android you can do it by going to Settings, then Chats, then toggling off Show Media in Gallery or Media Visibility. Special tip. There's another tried and tested way around this where you can take a look at what has been sent and then decide if you want to save that photo or video or not. This works only if you use WhatsApp Web chat This means you can upload photos and video from WhatsApp or other apps which allows photo editing. The OneDrive app can now automatically upload them from the locations you select and this includes apps installed on your phone. The new app also allows you to upload photos from SD card. You just have to plug or insert the SD card on your device.

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Unlike transferring WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20, it is pretty simple to transfer WhatsApp messages between Android devices using local backup. So this method is available for transfer WhatsApp from an Android device to Samsung Galaxy S20. If you need transfer WhatsApp chats between iOS and Android, skip to the next method. Step 1 To move WhatsApp data to SD card, follow the steps given below: Step 1: Open the app of File Manager on your phone. An Android phone usually has an in-built File Manager app. However, if you do not have one, you can easily find a few handy File Manager apps on Google Play. Step 2: When you launch the app, look for the internal storage files WhatsApp is used every day by billions of people around the world to send millions of supremely paramount memes and cat videos. Those little media files may work well to lighten up your mood on a. Step 1: To hide WhatsApp photos, videos and other GIF files, launch the file manager application on your android device. Most smartphone have the app and if you want to use some other best android file manager apps, ES File Explorer, MK Explorer Root Explorer app, Solid Explorer app, Tetra Filer etc. Some are paid, with no ads and some you can. WhatsApp is probably one of the most used apps all over the world. And people send photos to each other freuqently that clutters storage

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I'm also having the same problem. Not able to attach direct photos taken thru what's app. Even on Internal storage Dualapp, there is no folder of whatsapp on it. Images and videos are in whatsapp but not on physical memory irritating. Cannot take photo from whatsapp or open pdf or send photo. Samsung A9 2018 Record Screen To Save Videos From a WhatsApp Status. Taking a screenshot of the WhatsApp status won't work for videos. In that case, you'll need to use a screen recorder. Download and install ScreenCam on your device. Launch the app and give it the required permissions. Enable the option that says Enable target app The process of reducing WhatsApp storage space on the iPhone is slightly different. On your iPhone, open the WhatsApp app and go to the Settings tab. Here, tap on the Data and Storage Usage option. Now, swipe down and tap on the Storage Usage option. Advertisement. You'll now see a list of all WhatsApp conversations, sorted.

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Once turned off, photos and videos on your Facebook Messenger won't automatically save to your phone. Once switched off, automatic saving of photos on your iPhone is disabled. Method 1: Disable Automatic Saving of Photos on Facebook Messenger Using Android. If you are an Android user, follow these steps to disable automatic saving of photos. WhatsApp made the Status feature official back in February. It lets users share photos, videos, and GIFs which disappear automatically after 24 hours. The feature was initially called a clone of Snapchat Stories by users and experts worldwide. Nevertheless, the feature is slowly picking up and becoming popular amongst the users. WhatsApp Status updates are [ The method to save pictures on other message apps, like WhatsApp or Kik, might vary from the method that will be explained in this article. Once you successfully save an image, it gets stored in the photo gallery of your Galaxy S9. From there, you can use the image for anything you want Select specific file types that you wish to recover. There are different files that the software can recover, but choose only those that you need. Doing so would save time. Since you intend to restore gallery photos, tick Gallery. To proceed, click Next. Choose Gallery Photos to Scan -- Step3. Step 4. Preview and selectively recover images Launch the Snapchat app on your Android smartphone. Step 2. Open the image you want to save to your smartphone. Step 3. Now, turn on the Airplane Mode on your smartphone from the notification panel. This will disable WiFi and mobile data and the Snapchat app will not be able to contact its servers. Step 4 Do not worry as through this article, we shall guide you on how to save photos from MMS messages on your Android phone whether you know which message the photo is located at. Save Photos from MMS Message on Android Phone. You have just received a photo through an MMS message and you found it very cute and lovely that you wish to save the photo