It's finally here! Sorry I took so long with this one. An Ocean-elemental is next. Clydestalk and Harmonious Oasis by Sebass87 (https://www.youtube.com/user/.. by joy game. Join the conversation. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account It's otherwise known that the Pluktts are usually good with making nifty hand-crafted items using the local resources they can reach. They never give up on finding the best of the natural materials which is why their instruments can properly play musical notes. Luckely, a Pluktt has many hands allowing them to attempt and advance plucking many strings at once (from it's instrument), climing.

The Harmonials. Harmonials are the class of monsters created by Sebass 87. They inhabit the Harmonious Oasis, the Harmonious Cavern, the Harmonious Jungle, the Harmonious Abyss, and the Harmonious Volcano. Elements within the Harmonial class are Magma, Ocean, Desert, Lumos, and Jungle. and There now gone the end? Monsters. Names. Elements. Sounds Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. floating dapperwifidude by ronisaurus. moroni factory [just add your monsters and i will add mine] by ronisaurus. i am xyzzle by ronisaurus. bleenkurr moroni jungle by ronisaurus. Ok RockyJocky remix by ronisaurus. steel island by ronisaurus. my game screen by ronisaurus. Untitled-287 by ronisaurus Super Continent. The Continent is a super island manifested from the conjoined lands of Plant, Cold, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. New players will begin the game in the Plant Lands. Before unlocking them, the Cold Lands and Air Lands will be shrouded in clouds. The top of Water Lands can just barely be seen in the ocean to the south east

Clydestalk; Camus espectro (Latino) Itchy & Scratchy; Dr. Ivo Robotnik; Donappio McVinegar; espaciohermoso; TEMPLO DE ATENA; Windows 98 Sky; Windows NT Workstation 4.0; Tiffany(AI Patch) Windows ME; Windows 2000 Profesional; Windows 9 A classic cheap character in my eyes. Hes a stick figure with a sword, but he never uses it. He has slaughtered and absorbed seven infamous cheap characters from the late 2000s: Super Mario 64, Psycho Shredder, Rare Akuma, Rainbow Six Vegas Guy, Omega Tiger Woods, Nightmare Broly, and Omega Tom H.. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. My super mike maker levels so far by CARTOONPFP222111. harmonious volcano clydestalk impression by CARTOONPFP222111. potion by CARTOONPFP222111. Spookez Move Maker but it works now by CARTOONPFP222111. WHY by CARTOONPFP222111. when you pet by CARTOONPFP222111. me fused with meestian by CARTOONPFP222111

Harmonious Oasis: Clydestalk (animated) (read desc

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