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  1. 10/23/16 5:32 a.m. secretariata wrote: I seem to recall several members here have had problems with early AFM trucks/SUVs requiring new engines at relatively low miles (75k-125k). They don't need new engines, some dealerships would rather replace a whole engine than pull the heads off and replace the lifters, for whatever reason they have
  2. Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Active Fuel Management Problems. There is a problem with the active fuel management systems on ALL 2007-2008 Sierras that have the 5.3L or 6.0. The 4.8L model does not have active fuel management. For the old timers out there, it is the same issue as the Cadillac V8-6-4 engine. Make no mistake, If your vehicle has.
  3. AFM lifters have a history of failing and oil consumption can be a problem. How to Delete or Disable AFM on GM/Chevy Engines. There are two ways to disable or delete Active Fuel Management on your GM or Chevy Gen IV LS or LS-based Vortec engine—one is to install an AFM Disabler, and the second is to install an AFM Delete Kit
  4. GM LS engines with Active Fuel Management or AFM. After installing new lifters the original issue may not have been corrected. Most lifters returned for analysis are found to be good. We have found that most lifter faults are caused by oil pressure issues, or control issues
  5. I have a 2016 Crew Cab Silverado 4x4 that I bought new last summer. I have noticed that recently when the active fuel management switches from 4 to 8 cylinders that there is a loud (loud enough to hear it with the windows up, A/C and radio on) squeak like noise that comes from the truck

The Active Fuel Management (AFM) system is also known as cylinder deactivation. This technology allows the engine to disable half of the engine's cylinders at lower RPMs, reducing fuel use. AFM usually kicks in under light-load conditions, and it's been shown to improve fuel economy by up to 7.5% 5. EcoTec3 and Active Fuel Management Problems. One of the biggest issue with the 5.3L vortec, and really all vortec engines for that matter, was excessive oil consumption caused by the active fuel management system. The AFM system issues are one of the big reasons that GM transitioned to the new EcoTec3 engine family Those who are new to the concept of AFM or Active Fuel Management should know that it basically deactivates the cylinders. To give you a broader idea of the term, let me elaborate on the term further. The AFM is a system that shuts half of your car/truck's cylinders down when you're driving under light-load condition. The less number of.

Sponsored Links. General Motors is now building 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 and 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 pickup trucks without Active Fuel Management (AFM) and Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) technologies. So, What Is Active Fuel Management System? In the simplest possible terms, the Active Fuel Management System is a trademark feature of GM vehicles whereby it automatically shuts down half the cylinders of their v6 or v8 engines, which can theoretically to save fuel. While it does work in most cases, it is not without its problems Let's talk about the love/hate relationship I have with GM's AFM (Active Fuel Management) and the issues it causes with the transmission!!_MODS COMING IN HOT.. The culprit for the excessive oil consumption issue lies with a defect in the 5.3-liter V8 engine. Back in 2007, GMC introduced a feature for its motors, called the active fuel management system, or AFM. The company implemented it to increase fuel economy, get better horsepower, and more torque

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Bought truck new- 2007 Silverado Crew Cab LTZ Z71 4x4 with 5.3 and active fuel management. All was great for a while, first new vehicle I'd ever owned. At 54,500 miles check engine light comes on and has misfire-dealer diagnosed as no compression on cylinder7, Replaced collapsed lifter The purpose of Active Fuel Management (AFM) is to improve gas mileage. It is also known as Displacement on Demand (DOD) or cylinder deactivation. **The table below shows the engines that were originally equipped with AFM.**. Displacement. RPO Code The lawsuit alleges the TSBs admit the 5.3-liter engine problems are caused by PCV issues, problems with the piston rings and flaws in the active fuel management systems. According to the class. The excessive oil consumption is likely to be caused by the Active Fuel Management system. There is currently an opened class-action lawsuit relating to oil consumption for the Vortec 5300 engines, but many of the Vortec 4300 owners are claiming to have similar problems In a V8 engine, Active Fuel Management (AFM) lifters are used to switch the engine from 8 cylinder operation to 4 cylinder operation to save fuel under light..

Active Fuel Management. Jan 05 2015, 5:33pm. The forum cops said I posted this in the wrong section so here it is again. Took my 14 Silverado LTZ 5.3 in for an oil change last week. Ever since then I have noticed that I can now feel the cylinder activation/deactivation. At least I think that is what it is. I notice it with the cruise on when. Renamed Dynamic Fuel Management, the system will be used on the two V-8 engines that will power the 2019 Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 when they hit dealerships later this year Active Fuel Management® This system allows the engine to operate on either all or half of its cylinders, depending on the driving conditions. With a manual transmission, the system is only active in Eco mode. With an automatic transmission, the system is available in all modes, but is more aggressive in Eco mode. See Driver Mode Control > 195 1. Perform a Cylinder Deactivation (Active Fuel Management) System Compression Test in SI. If the running compression of the misfiring cylinder stays below 25 PSI regardless of the AFM solenoid being commanded on or off, an AFM lifter is mechanically collapsed/stuck or unlocking as soon as the engine is started. 2 The problem is linked to an active fuel management system problem. Chevy uses the active fuel management system to turn off cylinders while driving to optimize fuel efficiency. Effectively what this does is turn your 8-cylinder engine into a 4-cylinder engine while you're driving in an effort to use less fuel and save you some money at the.

When GM introduced Active Fuel Management (AFM) into their lineup of passenger cars and trucks, I became aware of the potential problems through research that could occur within the engines equipped with AFM and the many updates to components and procedures available to alleviate the very condition my Dad was experiencing CAUSE. This may be the result of an active fuel management (AFM) lifter that is mechanically collapsed and/or stuck all of the time. This may be the result of internal locking pin damage in the lifter, due to oil aeration. This may be the result of a lifter that has collapsed and is stuck in the lifter bore. CORRECTION February 28, 2019 at 8:29 pm #1839401. Seems to me there are a lot of GMC/Chevy fans both on this forum and amongst outdoorsman in general. Ive always had the impression that AFM is a bad thing and problematic. I have a 2006 Dodge Durango that uses a valve shutoff (MDS) and i never liked it. I drive it in tow haul mode at all times to avoid it

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  1. Other experts talk about uneven oil temperatures between active and inactive cylinders will cause bubbling and frothing of the engine oil, and lead to problems down the road, including excessive oil consumption and plug fouling. There have been some torque converter issues that the Chevy LT1 motors are having as a result of cylinder de-activation
  2. 2007-2009 Saab 9-7X. Equipped with AFM (Active Fuel Management) V8 Engine (RPOs L76, L94, L99, LC9, LFA, LH6, LMG, LS4, LY5) Attention: This bulletin only applies to the AFM V8 engines listed above. It DOES NOT apply to Non-AFM Engines. If you are dealing with a Non-AFM engine that is experiencing a similar noise, please refer to Engine.
  3. I just recently traded in my 2015 Canyon SLT on a new 2018 Canyon Denali. One of the features the new truck has is Active Fuel Management. I also have it on my 2016 Camaro SS and it works quite well. In the first six days I have had this truck I have only observed it in V4 mode once and only for..
  4. RELATED: The Most Common GMC Sierra Problems You Should Know About The 5.3-liter V8 engine now offers quicker acceleration and enhanced throttle response. The Dynamic Fuel Management system allows for better fuel economy with the Sierra 1500 getting 17 mpg overall, and the diesel option topping off at 23 mpg.. The interior of the 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 is basic, according to Consumer Reports.
  5. 18,670 Posts. #4 · Feb 12, 2014. From GM: For Corvette Stingrays equipped with the six-speed automatic, Active Fuel Management is active in all drive modes until the driver engages the manual-shift mode using the steering-wheel paddles
  6. Active Fuel Management (AFM) aka Cylinder deactivation aka V4 mode, first introduced on the C7, is being retained for the C8. While the technology helped the Corvette improve its fuel economy, there are major drawbacks that go along with it

with Active Fuel Management The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on low oil pressure on 2005-2016 GM LS design engines with Active Fuel Management (AFM). This AFM system is also referred to as displacement on demand (DOD) and is used on many GM engines 2012 should be a SAFE year for AFM. I have it in my 6.0 Caprice and 121,000 no issues. When I get time I'll do Cam swap etc, but no issues. I am going to get 2012 for Granddaughter, safest thing for a 16year old..needs a tank around them lol.. I'd give her 2008, but with the cam and tune...well..no. 2012's around for 10k range

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I have a 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche with the 5.3L engine with the active fuel management system. The problem I am having was that the first lifter in the first cylinder was bad, so I had it replaced. Af read mor MDS is a multi-displacement system that deactivates a cylinder bank on the Chrysler's Hemi V8 engine to operate in four-cylinder mode for greater fuel efficiency. This system is used in a variety of models including the Dodge Ram, Charger and Chrysler 300. Although the system saves fuel, it creates. New Cylinder Deactivation System. The base 5.3-liter V-8 uses an active fuel management system that deactivates cylinders to conserve fuel. It's similar to the setup in the 2018 Silverado and can.

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Range Technology Plug & Play AFM/DFM Active Fuel Management Disabler for GM Vehicles RA003G (Green) The Range AFM/DFM Disabler allows your V6 or V8 vehicle to run in full cylinder mode at all times, preventing the Active or Dynamic Fuel Management system from dropping cylinders. Our patented technology is the only product that will disable. Summit Racing® Active Fuel Management Delete Combos. Summit Racing® Active Fuel Management delete combos are designed to eliminate the cylinder deactivation system on GM Generation IV LS V8 engines. They include the correct hydraulic roller lifter set, a valve lifter guide set, new head bolts, and an engine valley cover Range was founded in 2010 by leading electronics engineers. The goal was to provide custom Active Fuel Management solutions for GM cars and trucks that did not re-flash the factory ECU. After hundreds of thousands of miles of testing the Range team has developed three solutions for Active Fuel Management vehicles Active Fuel Management, available on most GM trucks and SUVs, helps lower fuel costs by enabling V8 engines to behave like four-cylinder engines when cruising with light loads, while seamlessly unleashing their full muscle whenever needed. Range AFM Plus works with your factory installed AFM allowing your vehicle to drive in V4 mode up to 80%.

This item: Salangid Active Fuel Management Disable Device RA003 fit for GM V8 V6 engine. $115.99. In stock soon. Order it now. Sold by metalblock and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Right Angle OBD2 Splitter Y Cable Male Splitter to 2 Female Extension Cable 1ft Feet 30cm/12 (1male to 2 Female) 24AWG. $11.80. In Stock Is active fuel management creating vibrations at certain RPMs? ∞. In PIP5228B GM talks about the possibility that active fuel management is to blame for vibrations when the engine is between 1200-1400 RPMs. A resonance, or buffeting, can also accompany the vibration

Besides, the device does exemplary work on a majority of GM Active Fuel-management car models. If you are also planning to do something heavy and involving with your V8 or any other premium car for that matter, this range technology AFM disabler is for you This item: Active Fuel Management Disable Device RA003 fit for GM V8 V6 engine. $129.99. In Stock. Sold by GreatUs and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping. bbfly-A9 OBD II OBD2 16 Pin Splitter Extension 1x Male and 2X Female Extension Cable Adapter (2FT/60CM) $9.90. In Stock. Sold by vintscan and ships from Amazon Fulfillment

Also, and even more interesting, the new 2019 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra models actually returned worse EPA fuel economy than the 2018 model with the older active fuel management system, however, this was really about the additional weight of certain trucks due to adding more features and safety technology in those trims GM's fleetwide fuel economy in the 2018 model year was 22.5 miles per gallon and was projected to rise to 22.8 mpg for 2019, according to a report by the Environmental Protection Agency This kit includes everything needed to delete AFM/DOD (Active Fuel Management) from GM 5.3L engines. With this kit, on 2010-later engines, you will retain VVT (Variable Valve Timing), and reuse the timing chain set. Message us with your VIN number for fitment. GM brand 1 bolt non-AFM/DOD (w/ VVT) Camshaft 16 non-AFM/D Flex Fuel means you can use ethanol blends higher than 10%, like E85. No real correlation between this adaptive fuel system and the valvetrain. AFM, (active fuel management) on the othere hand, has had, and still has, problems with lifter collapse Trick Flow Specialties TFS-30678503 - Trick Flow® Active Fuel Management Standard Delete Kits Active Fuel Management Delete Combo, Standard, Head Bolts, Lifters, Chevy, GM LS, 5.3L/6.0L/6.2L, Kit Part Number: TFS-3067850

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Active fuel management issues Last Post RSS. 0. 18/02/2021 4:56 am. Topic starter Hi Scotty, I have a 2007 GMC sierra crew cab SLT 5.3 automatic with only 49k. I use Amsoil signature 5w30 and change oil every 5k or once a year. I have the active fuel management turned off since new and haven't had any issues with that yet Anyone contemplating a 2007 or newer Chevrolet with the 5.3l V8 needs to Google any forums relating to their AFM active fuel management system. You will learn immediately of serious and very costly engine problems. MANY stories on the web are typical of my own experience. I purchased a new.. It's supposed to be able to switch from 8 to 4 cylinders and back to help save on fuel (Active Fuel Management or AFM). To confirm the problem he would have to tear down the engine and check the intake valve on cylinder #1. This is when I said I'm taking it back to the dealer

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Equipped with AFM (Active Fuel Management) and V8 Engine RPO L76, L94, L99, LC9, LFA, LH6, LMG, LS4, LY5 or LZ1 Attention: This bulletin only applies to the AFM V8 engines listed above. It DOES NOT apply to Non-AFM Engines. If you are dealing with a Non-AFM engine that is experiencing a similar noise, please refer to Engine Mechanical > I have a 2007 Avalanche that I purchased new. It now has 209,000 miles on it. I'm sure that some of you know that the Active Fuel Management can be a real problem on these engines. I'm a dedicated oil changer on my engines and I never had a problem until the truck reached 200,000 miles. Original everything in the drive train ⇒ If the vehicle passes the Circuit/System Verification test, then review the active fuel management driving information in the Features and Controls section of the owners manual with the vehicle operator, or instruct the vehicle operator in the proper driving techniques to obtain V4€mode The active fuel management system is designed to disengage the lifter at the point of least load in the cycle of camshaft's rotation, which would be while the lifter is riding on the base circle of the lobe

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3,267. If it has DoD/AFM then the parameters will be in the tune to turn it off (but of course all the parts will still be there). No one can really tell you for sure without seeing the tune file. I've never seen a vehicle with DoD that I could not turn it off in the tune. 03-04-2015 #5 Cylinder Deactivation (Active Fuel Management) System Description. To provide maximum fuel economy under light load driving conditions, the engine control module (ECM) will command the cylinder deactivation system ON to deactivate engine cylinders 1 and 7 on the left bank, and cylinders 4 and 6 on the right bank, switching to a V4 mode. The. It is similar to the Active Cylinder Control, Active Fuel Management and Variable Cylinder Management technologies developed by Mercedes-Benz, GM and Honda, respectively. The Chrysler Hemi Engine The Hemi engine was an internal combustion engine designed by Chrysler that utilized a hemispherical combustion chamber

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It’s supposed to be able to switch from 8 to 4 cylinders and back to help save on fuel (Active Fuel Management or AFM). To confirm the problem he would have to tear down the engine and check the intake valve on cylinder #1. This is when I said “I’m taking it back to the dealer†A low oil pressure message/light is becoming a common complaint on 2007-2016 GM vehicles equipped with a V8 engine and active fuel management (AFM), which is sometimes referred to as displacement on demand (DOD). These symptoms often occur with no indication of a low oil pressure condition such as engine related noises. Some technicians replace the oil pressure sensor in a futile attempt to.

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The LS engine family from GM uses a similar technology called Active Fuel Management (AFM). These systems are functionally similar with similar components and operation, but since much has already. The AFM system, or Active Fuel Management system, is used to limit the power of a GM 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder engine and help increase its fuel economy. The system itself is activated when the engine reaches certain perimeters, such as a cruising highway speed. This allows a 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder engine to run on only four cylinders The lawsuit says GM 5.3L oil consumption problems are caused by defective piston rings, PVC systems and active fuel management (AFM) systems that cause the spark plugs to wear out prematurely and the engines to experience all kinds of malfunctions. GM made changes to their Vortec 5300 engine design in 2007 in an effort to improve performance Any luck disabling Active Fuel Management. Jump to Latest Follow I don't understand the problem everyone has with cylinder de-activation. I like the option of saving 20% of fuel mpg. I'm gonna miss it when I get my Trackhawk. with MDS active, shift points are earlier to keep rpms down, always...with MDS not active shift points are later. AFM, or 'Active Fuel Management', is Holden's own brand of cylinder deactivation tech. What that pretty much means is that when the engine is under part-load, like when you're travelling down the highway, the engine shuts down half its cylinders - numbers one, four, six, and seven - in order to save a little bit of fuel

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Added on October 25, 2016 The News Wheel active fuel management, cylinder deactivation, EcoBoost, EcoTec3, environmental protection agency, EPA, Ford, Fuel Economy, general motors, GM, mileage 3. Active fuel management. Thread starter SAUDILTZTAHOE; Start date Apr 29, 2008; Apr 29, 2008 #1 S. SAUDILTZTAHOE Full Access Member. Joined Apr 8, 2008 Messages 60 Reaction score 0 Location Qatif, Saudi Arabia. I just took delivery of my 2008 LTZ Tahoe this morning and to my surprise it doesn't have the Active fuel management, is that possible. 3.9L Active Fuel Management Decativation. Jump to Latest afm with the lifters and plate swapped out of kit,along with the afm disabled and the ecm dealer tune to keep 1,3 and 5 Active. I get a bank 1 injectors timing out of range code, usually after a short idle period.The car is getting slightly better mileage on the highway, and slightly.

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This is the first independent, serious evaluation of GM Holden's new Active Fuel Management (AFM) system. AFM is the first real environment/economy initiative from Holden since the Car-ocalypse nearly sent the big three American car makers to the wall. It passed, obviously. This car is a guilt-free V8 - maybe the first truly guilt-free. Just wondering because if their is a problem with the DOD system needing lifter replacement it cannot be done because they are no longer being manufactured according to TSB#13-06-01-002: Conversion of Engine RPO LZG with Active Fuel Management to Non AFM Active Fuel Management / Displacement On Demad The Active Fuel Management (AFM) or also known as Displacement On Demand (DOD) system first was introduced in the GenIV Vortec engines in 2007. Not all Vortec's had this system in what I refer to as the first generation of GenIV (2007-2009) The Active Fuel Management system GM uses on its 4.3-liter V-6 and 5.3- and 6.2-liter V-8 engines could not be more different from EcoBoost. Over the years, GM has taken some lumps from critics.

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GM has issued a service bulletin ##10-06-01-008M to address excessive oil consumption on the vehicles listed below. The engines have aluminum or cast iron blocks and are equipped with active fuel management systems (AFM). The fix includes installing an AFM oil deflector and cleaning carbon from the cylinder head Active Fuel Management vs. Dynamic Fuel Management. Have you seen the terms active fuel management and dynamic fuel management but aren't sure exactly what they mean? These are efficiency systems integrated into 2020 Chevy Silverado engines. How do these systems differ? Here's what you need to know

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This is a common 5.3 liter Chevy engine problem reoccurring mostly in cylinders 1,4,6 and 7 of General Motors 2005-2014 models of it. The cause of this problem is usually an active fuel management (AFM) lifter. The ticking noise problem occurs when the AFM lifter is mechanically broken or stuck GM's Displacement On Demand (DOD) system (also called Active Fuel Management) has many millions of miles of proven, reliable service. Most importantly, when in V4 mode, fuel economy improves by as. General Motors' EcoTec3 family of engines is a familiar sight under the hoods of many GMC and Chevrolet pickup trucks and SUVs. It is available in three versions: 4.3 V6, 5.3 V8 and a 6.2 V8. General Motors debuted this new engine design on the 2014 model year trucks and although the 6.2 V8 versions look comparable to the GEN 5 V8 LT of the Corvette and Camaro, they are uniquely individual. However, the window of engagement has gotten smaller, as the efficiency of the Corvette has improved through uses of direct injection, variable valve timing, and active fuel management, A.K.A. Question: I own a 2010 Chevy 1500 Silverado with a flex-fuel 5.3-liter Vortec V-8.The motor has an Active Fuel Management system that deactivates from V-8 to V-4 under certain conditions. This is.

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Videos & Articles. Add to Cart. $402.99. AFM Delete Kit, 2004 & Up GEN IV 5.3L LS Engines. Home Engine Camshaft and Valvetrain AFM Delete Kits Speedway Motors Active Fuel Management Delete Components Part # 910532004 The L99 and LS3 are nearly identical save for a couple key components--namely the parts and pieces required for the variable valve timing (VVT) and components of the Active Fuel Management (AFM.

The components that cause Cylinder Deactivation, like blamed engine fires, tie-rod issues and transmission problems, will be covered in this article. Cylinder Deactivation System The Cylinder Deactivation system, known as the Active Fuel Management system by GM, shuts off some of the cylinders when extra power is not needed which improves fuel. Details on Modern Active Fuel Management. The L94 engine features GM's Active Fuel Management (AFM) technology. AFM temporarily de-activates four of the 6.2L engine's cylinders under light to moderate load conditions to help enhance fuel economy by approximately 6 percent under the federal government's required testing procedure and potentially more in certain real-world driving conditions Tula's fuel efficiency expectations for dDSF are more modest for engines like GM's Duramax diesel—1.5 to 4.0 percent, though CEO Scott Bailey points out that for heavy-duty diesels, 3.0 percent. Failure Date: 01/07/2016. 2006-2009 Chevrolet Impala ss ticking noise, engine misfire and/or ses light. This may be the result of an afm (active fuel management for displacement-on-demand) lifter that unlocks as soon as the engine is started or one that is mechanically collapsed/stuck DOD (Displacement On Demand) or AFM (Active Fuel Management) allows your V8 engine to save fuel by running as a 4 cylinder engine under steady, light load conditions. How to Identify a VVT Engine. VVT (Variable Valve Timing) allows your engine to develop more torque or horsepower under various conditions by advancing or retarding the camshaft Active Fuel Management is typically reserved for larger GM vehicles with V-6 or V-8 engines. In vehicles with V6 engines, the technology temporary turns the vehicle into an inline V-3 engine. V-8 engines are momentarily reduced to V-4 performance. The technology made its debut in Cadillac's ill-received 1981 L62 V8-6-4 engine