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I hate Bronies. Voting is now closed. With 9 votes, the community has decided that this post is Cringe. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Message the moderators if you have any questions. Just think. This is a grown man who pays taxes, votes, he may even be a police officer or a dentist If bronies are slowly dwindling, it's not because the show is getting subjectively worse in some ambiguous quality, it's because the rabid fanbase is being a bunch of pretentious and whiny buffoons that can't handle change and want to hate everything because it doesn't go their way

Yeah, this was kind of a surprise. First, a little background. The My Little Pony franchise started nearly 30 years ago, because little girls like ponies, little girls like dolls, and they really liked pony dolls Stop trying to derail the conversation. We don't give a shit about your TV show. We care about the ACTIONS bronies have taken that have led to our civil rights being removed, non-brony victims being ignored, discimination against non-bronies on Reddit and 4chan, and a hugely disproportionate amount of admins going to only help bronies

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Okay, this is the real answer here. It has nothing to do with men liking girly things, and it never has been. There might be a tiny handful of people who think that way, but ten bucks says they've never actually encountered one. Bronies are r.. r/cringepics: An offshoot of /r/cringe, for those images that depict an awkward or embarrassing situation Bronies. just the name is enough to get somebody revved up and ready to hate. I'm one of those people. here are my 3 problems with bronies: Problem #1- Ponifying - Have you ever looked up fan-art of your favorite piece of media on google, and found OVERWHELMING amounts of ponyfied art? yeah, I have

Still can't say bronies are bad or good simply because I don't know all of them. There are many variables to every kind of group that make it almost impossible for Me to have and definitive opinion on it. What I can say, I'm not an MLP fan but I don't hate bronies as a whole because I don't know all of them, it depends on the individual What are bronies? Bronies are male fans of the franchise My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The community took root on the anonymous message board 4chan in 2010, about two years after the series.

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First, the horrible part in this is that people were murdered.I like MLP:FIM, but I have zero doubts about it having really terrible fans in the mix, much like, IDK, Star Trek, Star Wars, MCU, The Expanse etc. If one's primary worry is how other people will perceive other fans of the show, then one needs a bit of readjustment of priorities here The worst is every time anyone says anything anti brony they are like I don't get why people hate bronies for liking something you don't like. We don't hate that, we hate YOU. People who like House don't carry a cane around and diagnose people. Christ, the fact that I know the word Clopping is enough. 2. Stoner gea

Reddit JAR Media Twitch CREDITS Fan Art Brony Res to I Hate Bronies by I Hate Everything. grazynapeggy6577. 5:10. Beginning of everything. It sucks , haters hate. danibear101. 3:53 ( Lucy Hates ) I hate everything about Lucy ( AMV ) Karikami. 2:19 Join me as I take a break from searching for a new background, and pick apart some comments from morons. Went a bit long on this one, hopefully you still enj.. Jun 2, 2020. #34. I think most people don't really care nowadays. The hate ussed to be very strong, at first because the brony fandom was rejecting gender roles by liking a little girls' show, but later on they were disliked because they were EVERYWHERE and too many of them took it too seriously For the same reasons people use reddit over Facebook or Quora. There are different levels of anonymity. On Quora, family and people I know use the platform. My name is attached to things. There are things I don't want to discuss where they might f..

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He is 27 years old and is a Pisces. One of his most popular videos, I Hate Damn Daniel, has earned over 3.5 million views. There is a subreddit dedicated to his channel. He created his opinionated channel in August of 2013, with some of his earliest videos being titled I Hate Facebook and I Hate Bronies Updated at 7:42 p.m. ET on June 23, 2020. My Little Pony fans have had a Nazi problem for a long time.. That sounds just as strange no matter how many times you say it. My Little Pony: Friendship. Jul 18, 2016 @ 6:08am. Honestly, people who hate people who like my little pony are more childish than those who watch my little pony. Simply because growing up is about letting go of childish things, like wanting to be grown up, and mocking those who are not. So whenever you see an antibrony, just thing, There goes an extremly immature person If you hate all bronies because of that, I wonder how you have two braincells to rub together. That spam is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ annoying and blocks other actually good ♥♥♥♥ from being seen because it's buried underneath pointless spam #13. Jörf. Jun 24, 2015 @ 10:12am. They have a Brony hate sub Reddit that's dedicated to, you guessed it, hating bronies. It's filled with offensive memes and content. Similar to the PewDiePie Hatedom and the Justin Bieber Hatedom , they're everywhere on TheTopTens, as they make aggressive and hate fueled lists like Top 10 reasons to hate bronies , Songs that describe bronies.

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  1. Yup, bronies make terrible music. Jesus Christ, FUCK bronies. Fun fact: I'm writing this section last and my will to live is quickly fading. Let's get this shit over with. Nerds are already terrible at rap so, as you can imagine, it doesn't help when they have to write rhymes about cartoon horses they want to fuck
  2. g?) This can be any pony of your choosing. When I say any pony, I mean any pony
  3. I hate everything. That probably includes you. Videos are done when they are done. I edit with Adobe Premiere leave me alone.YouTube Banner by: @ROcata00
  4. Jun 11, 2021. #13. lurk said: theyre parents didnt beat them enough as a kid. Click to expand... So that's why @FBIAgent is a brony. I swear to god, Encyclopedia Dramatica is like a really hot abusive girlfriend. I spend time wondering why I spend so much time with her... but then I remember man ass
  5. ist statement from the show.
  6. Response to reddit is full of pedos Apr 19, 2021. At 4/17/21 10:43 AM, FUNKbrs wrote: Holy shit. This topic is not up for debate. All pedos are threats to children. Anyone who is a threat to children should die. Yet somehow there's an endless stream of people on reddit defending pedo shit

They are some of the 10% of normal bronies (Ones that keep it to their forums and respective servers.) So this is why I hate them. Feel free to correct me on any thing that you think is the truth (But we all know it's fake, my rant is also quite fake because I'm a generalizing bastard that thinks the world is going to end because of this / Bronies! Bronies! January 14, 2012 by ozyfrantz 75 Comments. reddit, so you must REALLY hate 4chan, and I don't want to taint your love of MLP:FiM by associating it with something you hate I'm in a weird position since I've loved cartoons in general as a kid (courage the cowardly dog, martin mystery, etc.) and continue to love them as an adult. While I don't jump up and down with glee or catapult over a couch to catch my favorite show as I may have once done, I think that the.. This also does not justify the hate mail and abuse that bronies are sending to these people. I'd just like to state that I was at the con all weekend and didn't see any of this occur. Me and my whole group were actually impressed with the behavior of the bronies we saw, expecting something like what this post describes but seeing none of it

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4 Snapchat Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, former students at Stanford University, and developed by Snap Inc., originally Snapchat Inc Snapchat was made in September 2011. It makes it easy for teens to get away with sending bad pics. They disappear after you send, but smart kids know what's on the. To explain what I mean, the conversation around cultural appropriation was started by black and native people to discuss the frustrations we feel at being punished socially and financially for partaking in our cultural heritage while white people could take, I.e. appropriate, aspects of our culture that we are actively shamed for and be heralded as innovators

Hidden Bronies rep orted being cautious about new experiences as well as less absorbed in experiences . and are less goal directed and more laid back. Mixed Bronies are, as the name implies, a mixture of one or more of the PAGE 37 37 aforementioned types Hello there bronies of DA/reddit. I'm the founder of SprayPaintedPonies and have just begun our very first contest. If you are interested in spraying painting and winning some prizes, feel free to enter. THE CHALLENGE: Paint a pony! (Didn't see that coming?) This can be any pony of your choosing. When I say any pony, I mean any pony I'm generally forgiving of one's tastes in any medium. Hell, I listen to various forms of Metal, and yet I can plunker down with some Avatar: The Last Airbender or some Disney movies. However, I don't feel compelled to involve these things irrelevantly into my posts, or derail threads. It's.. A song called 'Discord' is going viral on TikTok, but not all creators realize it's a fan-made 'My Little Pony' song popular among 'bronies' Palmer Haasch Jun 10, 2021, 7:41 P Why so many Bronies are Neo-Nazis Jul 09 2020 The sequel to my video analysing the Nazi segments of the Furry community, I now turn my attention to the existence of the alt-right in the Brony community

The 19-year-old accused of shooting and killing eight people inside and around the FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, was reportedly a part of the adult following of My Little Pony The Secret War Against Reddit's PowerMods. With its decentralized forum system and hands-off approach by the company's administrators, Reddit is often seen as one of the last bastions of internet freedom that hasn't been (completely) trampled by alt-right bronies. But in the past year, a secret war has been fought between the karma haves, and. PREVIOUS EPISODE: http://bit.ly/1DaqJfIFacebook : http://on.fb.me/1vdTTaXTwitter: https://twitter.com/IHE_OFFICIALTwitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ihe_official/p.. Weeaboos are the Bronies of the anime world[10] (although, unlike Bronies, they also used Google and Reddit to evolve, as opposed to 4Chan alone)[7][8]. They passionately love certain animes and claim it to be a superior art-form to any non-Japanese cartoons.[8] What exactly is so great about MLP in comparison with the graphics of other cartoons Bronies are awesome. - #166849895 added by zizzydizzymc at Internet -junk UnlimitFateWorks CartoonGoodness art aww news random-funny avatar Whomp dailydoseofcute goblins warhammer40k fantasy cats reddit reddit-moment DailyWaifus wholesome videogames animal computers bendingtime doggos StoneToss Vtubers dungeons-n-drags cringe-channel dogs.

28 comments. Everyday I wake up in disgust because I'm living and breathing with grown people acting like animals. They lie. look at my super original joke!!! They think there better than everyone else. Also the cartoony animal costumes they tend to wear at their meetings just plain bother people, if they were more realistic depictions of animals it would probably go over better. I mean I'm. Okay, kids!, Daddy is home to decide this dispute... ^^ @Byter If I got it correctly, all puresage said - besides complimenting your argumentations - was to losen up a bit and not getting to worked up about e.g. Digi saying their cuteness is plot-relevant even though he probably meant something like relevant for the situation to portray the CMC as childish and naive Bronies denounce mass shooter after FedEx gunman's last posts pined Applejack The 19-year-old mass shooter also didn't have a competency hearing after his gun was seized under a 'red flag' law

Why do so many bronies play TF2? I can't find a single game that doesn't have somebody called Rainbow Dash or a hundred brightly-coloured sprays of horses. it's really annoying when you get their fandom shoved down your throat all the time. They have a pretty bad reputation on the internet and I feel that TF2 gets a lot of hate because people think the two fanbases are synonymous Bronies - and the 'pegasisters' that I'm sorry to have neglected in the survey - seem to be, on the whole, genuinely lovely people that just so happen to like cartoon ponies. Is their fandom a bit strange? So cast aside the notion that there is a copious amount of hate for Fluttershy outside of Reddit. Reply

1. Interact with other Bronies online. The Brony community has a huge online presence, especially on websites like Equestria Daily, Ponychan, 4chan, and Tumblr. There's even a Brony world on Minecraft called My Little Brony.. Start connecting with like-minded fans to build a community of friendship and support Reddit users say Voat is a Reddit clone for racists while Voat users say Reddit is ruled by pro-censorship people and has no freedom of speech. Beginning in late 2018, Reddit developed a rivalry with Instagram, though most of the hate comes from the former

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B is for Bronies. Shannon Richards January 30, 2014. There is nothing inherently wrong with boys and men enjoying a cartoon directed at young girls. In fact, it could be seen as a very positive thing because men are willing to embrace something that is viewed as feminine in a society that mocks anything considered girlish. Reddit-Bronies. MLP-FiM-Shipping. I can explain. By. Karzahnii. Watch. 858 Favourites. 103 Comments. I hate seeing Spike's only friends acting like anything but. Reply. OmegaMajora99. Jun 21, 2013. Lol, Yoshi. awesome. *Runs off to show it to other bronies* Reply. Rabbit-EYE. Aug 18, 2012. This is the most hilarious thing since the. In his review for Smosh: The Movie, he says that, of the Smosh duo, Anthony is the weak link in terms of comedy, talent, and so on.A couple years later, Anthony left Smosh over feelings of being creatively stifled. Heartwarming Moments:. The dead celebrity segment of his I Hated 2016 video, where he gives his sincere, genuine respect to David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, all the celebrities who.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a wholesome kids' show that lives up to its title by promoting friendship, unity, and kindness. For the most part, bronies have taken these lessons to heart. Ultimately, the manner in which the brony community's final season drama has played out proves a point that should have been made a long time ago: By-and-large, the Internet has been particularly. Heh, heh, they are discussing guns on #reddit-mlp: rindolf: My Little Pony ponies with guns! sorabji5252: what's the mlp for? sorabji5252: o, dear: rindolf: sorabji5252: My Little Pony. sorabji5252: bronies. i do not understand this one. rindolf: sorabji5252: I bet there's something like what I described on the Internet. rindol Don't just hate on us for no reason. also, we arent forcing the show on you. you just pay too much attention to us (probably a good thing too). And yes, some bronies get butthurt easily and yes, some faggots try to force the show on others and yes, rule 34, and yes, im rambling but really, just ignore us as we ignore you. if this comment is. Reaction score. 17,224. Location. The Drakwald. May 22, 2021. #1,362. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is crying racism over Steve Nash, a White man, skipping the line in getting an NBA Coaching job while ignoring the apparent fact the NBA's first Black coach Bill Russell apparently was hired under similar standards

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2012 GNAA Tumblr Ruin. On December 3, 2012, the Gay Nigger Association of America, both legally and effectively, exploited a XSS vulnerability in popular web-blog service tumblr resulting in the complete ruin of thousands of blogs. Utilising nothing but a few lines of javascript, an estimated 14,000 users reblogged the following post: This. This goes double for adults in fandoms meant for kids. dyke---anti-moved. girlfriendluvr. liking media that has major problems and being critical of those problems (jojo, bnha, hnk, voltron i guess, etc) - cool. liking media that has major problems and defending it as Progressive, telling people to support it (klk/bnha is feminist, dream dads. As Bronies, we live the elements of harmony and try to pass them on to others. trumps side and turn the story to make him seem bad you want real information go to Q on 8chan or the great awakening reddit page people like you are the reason people hate bronies quit trying to make bronies side with terrorist,you leftist pigs have already.

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Description: Brony Looking For A Pegasister I have been a Brony for about 2 years now I Groups: Brony, Casual Brony, Have Not Attended BronyCon, Have Not Attended BronyCon (Yet), Cannot Wait to Attend BronyCon, Into The Story, Into The Characters, OMG! I AM INTO EVERYTHING BRONY RELATED!!!, Haters Hate! Bronies Tolerate My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a Canadian-American flash-based cartoon series based on Hasbro's media franchise, My Little Pony, developed by animator Lauren Faust. Since its premiere in October 2010, the series has garnered a massive and curious fanbase among young male adults who identify themselves as bronies

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Or, Reddit discovers another woman to hate. M ore proof that Reddit will believe pretty much any story , so long as it makes a woman - sorry, female - look bad. Even if there is some tiny kernel of truth in this story from AskReddit , there is zero chance that it went down exactly (or even vaguely) as described by Mr. Kickass Description. Description. A minigun is a heavy weapon, first developed during the war by Equestria. Miniguns are heavy weapons that excell at firing hundreds of rounds per minute. Miniguns fire using a rotary barrel that is powered by a small motor. the gun will take a moment to spin fast enough before firing To be honest though, I don't see the appeal to MLP. It's a show for little kids. People say the story is good or the characters are good. Again, it doesn't appeal to me, I'm not an 8 year old girl, and if I want to watch a cartoon about magic, I'd watch Adventure Time or something No, why shouldn't bronies be allowed to have a thread at the end of season 2... Because MLP is lame. Also, because it causes huge threads of pointless arguing. I agree with the guy. This is a fairly obvious attempt at trolling. I've been bitched at and warned for posting a thread with a.. I really don't get why one would be upset because of a fake brony. Really, it's a trivial thing at worst. If people want to associate with the show or the fandom for any reason, let them be. I talk with the bronies in reddit and many of them don't watch or even hate the show, but they like the community and the fan works

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I think basing one's opinion on any cultural phenomenon via its 4chan or Reddit presence is like diving deep, deep into the sewers of a city, finding a dead rat clutching a turd, scooping a cup full of sewer water, eating the rat, drinking the water, and then posting a diatribe on the internet about how there aren't any good restaurants around IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 13, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. I will show you a series of pictures that will help explain the reasons of hate: Now I don't know if you are a furry, but for those people who don't know what a 'furry' is, its a person wh.. Bronies Are Trash Please keep in mind that I do still love regular My Little Pony fans! If you still identify as brony, please ask yourself why that label is necessary. Please read the FAQ before sending asks Since you don't link the thread you're talking about, I can't comment on the remarks that were made. But what I can tell you is to stay away from such subreddits. When the name of the subreddit is already negative, how can you expect to get very p.. Let's be honest here. It's nothing, but a crappy and generic jumpscare fest that earned its popularity from famous Let's Players. It's so bad that the sequel was released in 3 months, the same as the trilogy. Is there a diffrence between those games? No, because they're the same, only with reskins and other useless stuff that don't even make sense. The only contribution that FNAF has ever done.

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This led them to (or reaffirmed their commitment to) anti-feminism. Another was to try to re-contextualize MLP as for them, for dudes, and not for the intended audience, little girls. Indeed, you saw a lot of griping from bronies that the show as catering way too much to girls, and not enough to them, the real fans I think it's the same reason as why Bronies did it back in the day. erma DOOM StoneToss fanart doge tanyatheevil undertale coronavirus nintendo LobotomyRunia cringe-channel random-funny Centurii-Chan reddit Baal-Buddy Baalbuddy sports AllMusic doggos fallout Telepeturtle I don't hate you for this knee-jerk desire to indulge in it, but. The hate towards the mentally disabled spread across the boards of 4chan and other parts of the net like Reddit, YouTube, and unfortunately, Know Your Meme. Sadly, there's no way we can stop it, and I feel it got worse since the Newtown Shooting in 2012 was performed by a man who was perceived to be autistic Funko Pop! Vinyls are a terrible, ugly, overpriced collectable that IHE obviously hates. IHE Merchandise https://ihe.ritualnetwork.storeTwitter https://..