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Most of the NO SIM CARD error or SIM CARD NOT DETECTED occurs when the SIM card is not inserted properlyso that cell phone won't recognize SIM card. This is the most commonplace factors for this issue. However, it is not the only reason. It also can be due to theproblems of software in your handset 1. Check SIM cards in other smartphone. For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung Members Application (Open Samsung Members Application > Get help > Send Feedback > Error report/Ask questions). Thank you for writing to Samsung

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  1. Check the SIM card. Remove the SIM card and inspect it for damage or corrosion. Reinsert the SIM card, making sure it is properly installed in the tray. If you have another phone that works with the same carrier, try using the SIM card with that phone. Make sure you are removing and inserting the SIM card correctly
  2. The wearing happens due to friction between the plates of SIM and the connecting points on the SIM card slot (when SIM card is put in and out in the slot very often, this happens) So when the plates touch eachother it become shorted and not detected by the device . So also check SIM card whether this thing exists or not
  3. This is the simplest and sure to work fix for those who keep getting SIM Card Removed Error On Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. Try it out. This will show you How to..
  4. SIM card problems can lead to real headaches. That a mobile phone does not detect it or has problems reading it intermittently, is somewhat frustrating and sometimes it is difficult to find the solution. The Samsung forums also have user threads that report problems with the detection of the SIM card on their mobile. That is why we wanted to.
  5. Inspect the SIM/MicroSD slot. Shine your flashlight into the SIM/MicroSD slot. If the device has been exposed to moisture, the LDI will be solid pink, purple, or red. Service is required. If the device has not been exposed to moisture, the LDI will be solid white or solid white with pink or purple Xs. Normal LDIs
  6. Some possible causes could be that you didn't insert the SIM card correctly or your Android device is experiencing a software issue. Whatever the reason, a solution needs to be found quickly when your phone says: No SIM card detected. Here are some fixes for those times when your Android phone can't detect the SIM card
  7. If your Android phone stops detecting your SIM card, it can feel like you're cut off from the world. Luckily, there are plenty of fixes for this frustrating.

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  1. Mostly the SIM card is not able to be detected as the dirt partially prevents the contact between the SIM card and the phone. To clean it, pass a small dab of cloth over it and check if it is not damaged. Check the location of the SIM card it may need to be removed and reinstalled There may be an issue sourced from the location of the SIM card
  2. Solution: Just to make sure that it is not your SIM card that is faulty try getting a SIM card that is known to work on another phone then insert it in your device. If the error message still..
  3. How to fix SIM card not detected after flashing Custom Rom (For example PixelExperience Android 9 for Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 SM-J510fn, J510h)1. Flash SuperS..
  4. In this video tutorial I will help you How To Fix No SIM Card Detected Error In TABLET, ANDROID or SMATPHONEI'm sure I'll help you through this video! If you..
  5. Insert the ejector tool into the tiny hole on the SIM/microSD card tray. Then gently push until the tray pops out. Remove the SIM card and microSD card from the tray. Check and ensure the card is..
  6. Have you ever encounter the problem of no SIM card in your android. A lot of android users have mentioned the issue of no SIM card. This problem can even happen in high quality latest phones like Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6

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  1. Method 4 Reinsert SIM Card If the SIM card is not placed in the card slot correctly, your phone will not register on network. Power off the phone. Take it out and place it correctly. Besides, it is also a possibility that your SIM card is not cut properly. Method 5 Update Software Ensure that your Samsung Galaxy S7 has the latest software
  2. Step 2. Check the Orientation required to insert the SIM card properly. Step 3. Push the SIM card into the slot until it locks in place. Step 4. Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S7. Method 2. Check the SIM Card or SIM Slot There can be problems of the SIM card or SIM slot
  3. sim card not detected I replaced the screen and digitizer on the phone and everything worked after i put it back together like the wifi and screen was good but it doesnt detect the sim card anymore. What are possible reasons for this happening and how can i fix it

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What should you do if your Samsung A50 SIM card cannot be detected? In other words, it shows No SIM found. Here we share how to fix this issue. To begin with, try the following two steps: Insert the SIM card into another phone to check whether the SIM card has been out of order; Check the IMEI number: Go to Setting, tap the About Phone option I occasionally get a message saying that my SIM card is not detected, and I must restart. However, my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has no SIM card - it is a 4G phone using CDMA, and yes, it does not have nor need a SIM card. This is very annoying because each time the message appears I have to restart my p.. And it doesn't matter if your phone is rooted or not. Solutions to Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network and No Service SIM Problem. Method 1. The first method has to do with old software updates which might contain bugs related to the SIM card. Sometimes, users run on very old versions of Android Touchwiz firmware SIM cards contain information about the subscriber's plans and network features. If the SIM card is not programmed properly, damaged, or removed, it prevents operation of the intended device. Have you attempted to reseat the SIM card? Please take the SIM card out (use Tray Eject Tool if needed) and restart the phone. Insert the SIM card again

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All these tricks allow my SIM card to be detected again but problem comes back a day or 2 later. My last recourse was to do factory data reset but I am glad I didn't. What solved my problem was simply allowing ALL of the built-in apps to update That way you can get the country specific firmware and eventually get the eSim/Sim card manager enabled. 08-17-2020 06:51 PM in. I had it, my phone is from mexico and I was planning to add the Esim, but i'm currently in the US and the last update diabled the sim card manager option. 07-11-2020 11:33 AM in 13-10-2020 08:44 PM - last edited ‎13-10-2020 08:51 PM ) in. Galaxy S20 Series. Hi, I just got my new S20 FE phone. I found that Sim 2 slot is not working. If I put a sim card in Slot 2, the phone said no Sim card. Does anyone else have the same issue My samsung glaxy s4 does not detect sim card , someone told me to download software to detect sim card. Is it fine to downlo: Apps not detected using samsung smart switch: i cannot get my new s7 to detect and bluetooth: Solved! Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn't detect 2.4GHz Networks but only 5GHz Networks: my samsung galaxy is not detecting my pics on.

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On the other hand, the SIM card may be loosely inserted which can cause the smartphone not to read it properly. Here's what to do if that's the case: Step 1. Turn off your device and remove the back cover from your smartphone. Step 2. Pull out the battery and remove the SIM card from the SIM card slot. Step 3. Clean the SIM card with a clean. Mayson, The SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is most likely bad. It is probably not the SIM slot. If you have cleaned the SIM card with rubbing alcohol and it still is not readable, you need a SIM card. Go to your phone carrier and they should give you a new SIM card for free.-R I removed the sim card, wiped the contacts, and re-inserted. Seemed to have taken care of it

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If your Samsung Galaxy S6 no longer detects the SIM card, then: 1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6 and wait about 20 seconds. Then restart the phone. 2.Remove the Sim card by using the tools from the bay and blow into the sim card slot. 3. Check whether the SIM card has any damage, corrosion, etc. on the chip. If so, clean it carefully. 4 SIM cards give you access to your wireless service provider's mobile data network so you can make calls, send messages, and more. They are a vital part of your Galaxy phone - otherwise, you wouldn't be able to do anything! It's important to know how to insert and remove a SIM card just in case you ever need to change it for a new one Feedback: In this case, we recommend you to check the SIM card because it can be due to the SIM card or SIM slot/tray. Here is how to deal with SIM Card Not Detected. John Edwards says: I have tried to solve the problems by following steps in Section 1 and fixing your SIM card issue. But it does not work for my device

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I am facing this issue from 2 weeks.I couldn't able to access the sim in sim card manager and even it is not showing the signal. When i opened my sim card manager it is showing checking status I have a Samsung A40, a corporate mobile! Brand new. After some weeks it started to disconnect the SIM. Several times a day! I have dropped it and picked it up 3 times. I was told each time the phone was good! Apparently, last time it was send to Samsung. Still has the exact same problem. This is un.. 29-05-2020 12:41 PM in. My Samsung A40 is less than six months old and ever since the last firmware update I am constantly getting SDCard and SIM card detection issues; I am not suprised I get both as they share an oversize sim/sdcard carrier which takes two sims. Googling the issue seems to suggest this is not uncommon and yesterday a firmware.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Note 3 Sim Card not detected Hey, Ive the same problems with my Sim detection now, it stopped working after updating to the latest Nightly 07-11. However, even using an old Nandroid Backup (where SIM worked) doesnt work, flashing another ROM also didnt fix the problem. (tried Dirty Unicorns, Lineage from mid 2017. Starts the Samsung Galaxy S5 and now checks if your sim card is detected again. This should now be the case. If not, then you can try to perform a Wipe Cache partition. More details here. If even that does not work, please check with a second sim card from a friend or acquaintance, whether a defect of your Sim card or the Sim card slot is present Sim card not recognized by verizon. 07-14-2016 12:58 PM. I just got back from a trip abroad where Verizon disabled my roaming. Back in the US my normal Verizon sim card is not recognized and the settings do not allow me to allow roaming. Still thinks I'm on a trip

I have a Samsung galaxy s10 SM-G973F, android version 9 kernel version 4.14.85-17063867 I suddenly stopped being able to receive calls, even though I could make calls, I still has full signal bars. I restarted my phone and there was no sim cards detected, no signal. I tired to open sim card ma.. It is fairly harmless and will only provide a temporary solution but it will give you a much-needed break from the irritating notification that reads SIM card is not from Verizon Wireless. Launch Settings. Go to Applications>Applications Manager. Check to see which apps are running. Disable all Verizon apps The different SIM card problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 . We therefore begin our guide by seeing the various concerns that you may have in connection with the SIM card of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This is often the origin of network or call problems, it usually affects people. who change SIM card or mobile phone

Restart your phone to fix Sim Card Not Working on My Phone. Sometimes, the issue of SIM cards not being detected simply ends when you restart your phone. Because it re-launches the Operating system, which in turn starts the handset effectively and searches for a network. It can be your solution too My samsung glaxy s4 does not detect sim card , someone told me to download software to detect sim card. Is it fine to downlo: Apps not detected using samsung smart switch: i cannot get my new s7 to detect and bluetooth: Solved! Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn't detect 2.4GHz Networks but only 5GHz Networks I have a S4, I bought it brand new about 5 months ago. Last week I started getting a message that the SIM card was not being detected. I could still use the phone but had no access to network, and no ability to make calls or text. Usually a restart would fix the issue for a couple of hours, but it would continue to happen My wife has her SGH-I337 with Android 4.4.4 on AT&T getting the no SIM detected message with a known new working SIM and a newly replaced SIM + microSD card reader installed. I used the SIM from her S4 in my S4 and it's working, verified. She took it to the local AT&T Store and a new SIM was installed, it worked for about 2 days then back to. Mar 26, 2013 at 6:17 PM. #1. After flashing Kyrillos Lite n Fast rom on a friend's Galaxy Ace 2 (gt-i8160), the phone does not detect the sim card anymore. I tried different stock roms and kernels, which all flash and work fine, but the sim card remains undetected. The IMEI is gone, too

Solutions to fix the various SIM card problems on a Samsung Galaxy J3 . After having reviewed the different problems that you may encounter with the SIM card of your Samsung Galaxy J3 and how you can check if the cause of your concern was related to a defective SIM card, we will now present you the different solutions and the steps you will need to take to correct problems with your card Solutions to solve different SIM card problems on a Samsung Galaxy A7 . After discovering the different problems that you may be a victim of with your Samsung Galaxy A7 SIM card and how you can check if the origin of your concern was related to a defective SIM card, we will now show you the different solutions and the steps you will need to follow to correct problems with your card

Galaxy A Series. hi, my A70 has just started doing the same (it was bought in october but not used until christmas 2019). i was out on a bike ride yesterday and my phone randomly shut itself off and wouldn't turn back on until a few hours later. Now its saying 'emergency calls only - no sim' and i cant connect to any networks SIM Card not detected on Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300. Installation. With original Android 4.3 SIM card ist detected and works. Reported baseband version is I9300XXUGMK6. After flashing of current version of Lineage OS ( lineage-14.1-20181004-nightly-i9300-signed.zip) there is no SIM card detected and reported baseband version is 'unknown'

Also try pressing down lightly on the sim card when you boot your phone in case the connections are worn. If the sim card has been cut down to fit then make sure that none of the gold contact has been damaged. If it has you need to carry out a sim swap with your network provider. 19-11-2015, 00:45 #3. akoexmo If your Android memory card (micro SD or TF card) is not detected and data is not showing up, stay calm. Here, you'll find 7 ways to effectively fix SD card not showing up on mobile or PC errors. Follow these steps to make your SD card recognized and showing up again. If you lost important photos, videos & documents on the memory card, EaseUS data recovery software is here to recover your. If the SIM card is not correctly installed in the tray and inserted into your phone, the SIM card may not be recognized. If the SIM card is not recognized, remove the tray and check if the card is properly installed. It is particularly important to ensure that the corners of the SIM card are well aligned Please note that the mobile network not available on the Samsung galaxy can most likely be triggered by a bad signal/ reception, your Samsung galaxy coverage, your location, or SIM exhaustion. The problem is prone to be among the T-mobile and Verizon wireless Samsung Galaxy handsets

- Sim card not detected - IMEI: Matches sticker under battery - Baseband: 19305XXUEMK1 Basically it does not recognise the sim card, it states that there is no sim card installed. I tried rebooting as seems to be mentioned for other phones The phone will tell me it can't detect the sim card and restart the phone, I'll have to do it two times to get it to see the card, probably getting a new sim card from your carrier will fix it, it's free if you're on the jump on the tmobile, I accidentally locked myself out of my sim card once by entering the pin wrong 3 times, they replaced it.

Sim card tray not Eject!--. Be careful with the poor quality! 03-01-2018 07:24 AM - last edited ‎03-01-2018 08:08 AM ) in. Bought a Samsung S8 one month ago but now the sim card tray can't come out! To solve the prob quickly, I went to samsung shop directly rather than go to the retailer. But was told that the release system is broken and is. Step 1: Turn off your Samsung phone and insert the new SIM Card. Step 2: Restart the device, and upon the restart, you will be asked for the unlock code. You have to type the code you received from the carrier. If you type the wrong code, you will be locked out of your device. 2 NO Memory/SD card detected (common Samsung Galaxy J8 problems and fixes) Samsung devices are always superior when it comes to keeping extra data in the phone. With Galaxy J8, the users are allowed to store 256GB data. In case you are not in a position to get the good experience while using it, check out below what can be done to solve this issue Disconnect the SIM card tray tail from the motherboard. Get a piece of tape or something to bend it back (gently) and hold it out of the way. Touch the soldering iron tip to each of the joints on the motherboard's connector, just long enough to melt the solder and let it re-settle on each of the connector pins Turn off the phone and take the SIM card out. Re-insert it again and apply a bit of pressure to see that if the network can be detected. In these cases, there might be a problem that the SIM card is not connecting properly with the terminals in the SIM slot. Put a small piece of paper along with the SIM to help it connect to these terminals.

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<p>A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is a small smartcard that contains a unique identification number an If your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is not detecting its SIM card, you will not have access to its associated mobile network. This may be the result of faulty software, hardware, or even a faulty SIM card. Usually, the problem is due to debris in the SIM card port, or wear and tear on the SIM card itself Update the Software on a Samsung Phone. Update the Software on an Alcatel A30. Make sure Republic Wireless app is updated. Cause. If phone does not have all required updates, phone may be unable to read SIM card. Additional Notes. If phone is still not recognizing SIM card, Open a Help Ticke

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After you activate Sim card as a prepaid subscriber identity module, the card for phone, call, text, and internet credit that you purchase expires after a certain time and this is specified by the mobile carrier. Remember that SIM card never expires itself because SIM only serves to allow the phone to recognize cellular network First, you'll want to make sure your SIM card is inserted correctly. Ensure your phone is powered off and follow these steps: Open the SIM tray using your SIM Ejector Tool or a paperclip. To find out exactly where the tray is located on your phone, see specifics for Samsung phones, LG phones, and iPhones. Clean the SIM card by blowing off dust. I have LineageOS 14 on my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Intl) - jflexx but it doesn't detect my SIM card. I had searched on internet for a solution but I haven't found anything. If you can answer in Spanish it's better for me. If not, in English it's fine

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I have changed my sim card twice, and went to Samsung service centre 3 times but still could not get my simcard to work on my mobile broadband. it seems like it cannot be dedected and it juz have a mobile broadband column that says 'insert sim'. no other 3g devices are installed. brand new, purchased at expo on 7th june 2013 Now, remove the battery and SIM card from the device, wait for 2 minutes, after which re-insert the battery but not the SIM card. Turn on the device and type (*#197328640#) again from the phone dial. Next, go to Debug screen> phone control> Nas control> RRC and finally on RRC revision to resolve the Null IMEI or not registered on network issue Solution 2: Make Sure SD Card is working. If the SD card is not detected by Samsung S10, then the probable reason can be your SD card is corrupted. To make sure SD card is in working condition, insert the SD card into another smartphone and see if it is working or not I was doing an update on my Samsung Note 8 and after that, it cannot detect my SIM card. I still can use my Note 8 using M1 or Singtel but just cannot use Starhub. My Starhub SIM card however can be used on other phone Just Google SIM card removed Unable to detect your SIM card to learn the extent of this problem. I do not blame any app, Google (Android), AT&T or Samsung for this but I do think that the last three players in this list need to put their heads together and find a fix as soon as possible

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To be sure that the problem does not come from Android or an application that blocks the normal use of the SIM card of your Samsung Galaxy J1, you can use safe mode. This mode will make it possible to block all the applications that are not essential for the operation of the telephone and therefore to avoid software bugs as much as possible I just brought a Samsung Galaxy 12 from Microsoft and inserted a 256 GB micro-SD card. The Samsung is not able to detect the card. I tried to insert a 128 GB micro-SD, but received still not detected by the book Doing this is probably the easiest way to fix the SIM error: Emergency Calls Only. Tap Restart. 2. Soft reset the device. Unplug the phone from any power source and remove the battery. Wait 30 seconds or more and re-insert the battery. Unplug your phone. 3. Adjust the SIM card The No SIM card problem might be sorted out by performing a wipe cache partition on your Galaxy S10, S10E, or S10+. Here's how to do that: Shut down your smartphone. Press and hold both the Volume Up and Bixby buttons for a couple of seconds. Press and hold the Power key without releasing the first two

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1. Your SIM card needs to be cleaned. Turn off your device, and remove the SIM card. Get a pencil eraser and rub the metal contacts on the SIM card. Wipe away any debris left over with a clean soft cloth. Insert the SIM card back into your phone. Your SIM card needs to be replaced Part 1: Reasons of Why Mobile Network Not Available Samsung. There could be a few possible reasons for mobile data not working on Samsung. It is possible that the network mode was not selected properly or the SIM Card is damaged, or the APN got reselected but it is also possible that the mobile data limiter got turned on after you updated the. Take out the SIM card, get a pencil. Now with the erasure end, very gently go across the contacts on the SIM length wise. Blow out the lot for the SIM card. Oh BTW, turn your phone OFF before doing any of this. Now re-insert the SIM card and power.. Samsung Galaxy S4 - Sim card not detected - reboot Android Smartphones: 147: Jun 24, 2014: Similar threads; Question My phone's presumably dead but it is detected by computers. Can I recover data from it? Solved! Android won't read/detect SD after adjestments Solution 2: Plug out and plug in the SD card to the Samsung phone. Step 1: Make sure to insert the pin to take out the SIM/SD tray. Step 2: Take the tray out of your smartphone as gently as possible. Step 3: Now again, put the stay back in its place. If your SD card were not supported due to physical misalignment, these steps would help you get.

You have now met a possibility why your Samsung Galaxy S5 does not recognize your Sim card correctly. About the Author Manuel has been involved with technology for more than 15 years, especially with mobile phones, smartphones and PC systems and shares his passion here in this blog The majority of affected users say they're facing a SIM card read error, No IMEI Number and as a result of these, they cannot to Samsung services. The SIM manager on these devices also remains frozen and some have tried the basic troubleshooting; resetting network settings and even Factory resetting their devices, all in vain iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS: Look between the sleep/wake button and the headphone jack at the top of the phone for a slot with a tiny hole in it. This is the tray that holds the SIM card. iPhone 4 and newer: On the iPhone 4 and newer, the SIM tray is on the right side of the phone, near the sleep/wake (or Side) button.The iPhone 4 and 4S use a microSIM Sim card not detected ‎23-02-2019 05:52 PM Hi, sorry if this or a similar query has been posted here before, but I'm trying to just find a fix for the problem I've been having